Survival Shelter No No’s: What not to do when setting up camp!

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  1. Never forget getting off my fire dozer for a break; was looking at a uprooted tree when I heard a loud cracking sound. A limb broke off from the weight of a second down tree. The first tree stood right back up where it came from.

  2. If you do want to use a dead tree trunk that's up off the ground for a lean-to support, test it first. Hop up on it, put some weight on it, or at least rock it well from side to side with your hands, see if it comes down or seems loose. Also check both ends of it to see how well anchored and stable they are. If it's solid, not rotten, and solidly held in place, i have no problem using one of those for a support pole. Just gotta know how to check it for stability.

  3. Great video. I'd also add from the PNW that in environments that are really moist, if you can find a place that's pretty dry, you're not gonna be alone there, cause all the bugs wanna be dry too. So ESPECIALLY in areas where it's mostly wet, you don't wanna shelter up next to wood even if it won't fall on you because it's gonna be swarming with ants and spiders after you warm the area up LOL

  4. I appreciate that you ACTUALLY TALK during your presentation. So many ridiculous 'survival' videos, they don't narrate and explain WHY they're doing what they do. You have good info, to the point, not wordy or dramatic. Subscribed.

  5. Love your channel, but I have to disagree with your point on downed trees as a form of shelter. If someone has ever spent time in the woods, then caution is the best. Putting a support under the leading point of a downed tree is a very safe approach to building a debris shelter. If you look at your video the majority of downed trees are top heavy compared to what is growing. Common sense is needed in the woods. Natural selection gets rid of the dummies!😅

  6. Coalcracker, you make some not so obvious and some obvious points on no no's of survival shelters. However, weather, season, availability, and testing as you should understand, my boy, that a well of knowledge sometimes requires more videos to cover all bases. As I will tell you, my boy, I am an expert survivalist and I am observant of my fellow expert survivalists. So on a scale of 1-5, you get a 3.9 which is not bad. so more videos Coalcracker.

  7. Downed trees can be okay if you dismount the trunk first, axe a notch in the stump, then remount it again (weight allowing ofc).

    Can also use a scotch eye to drill and hammer in pegs.

  8. Yep. Ive made the mistakes of setting up camp on low ground and trees. I had a nightmare experience of me invading an ant colony whilst laying down to go to sleep underneath/ beside a tree!

  9. You should also point out that up rooted trees are an indication of a high water table. With a high water table, the roots don't have to go deep searching for water. With a high water table, the roots spread out horizontally instead of going deep vertical. This says that it should be fairly easy to dig for water and partially marshy in some areas. Always remember, if you drink, don' drive. And if you go swimming, take a buddy.

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