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  1. As usual Andrew, Outstanding! Keep the vids coming. As an avid outdoorsman/self reliant "student", it's great to be able to check out your channel. Reminds of Sergeants Time every Thursday 😂. Very well put together with a detailed block of instructions. Your vids are also a personal tool in case I miss something while teaching my children about the outdoors. These skill sets are vital because technology can't and won't always save your life. Can't wait for the next one!

  2. In confused/have a question about the pump drill. How come you need to lash that extra piece of wood on the end of the shaft instead of just using the shaft itself? Is it just so you can replace the end as it wears out?

  3. I just had an idea, what if you failed at getting the black dust to light using friction, couldn't you light it using flint and steel or a fresnel lens since its essentially just charred material?

  4. pump drill is good for a drill but not for a friction fire . friction needs for you to be able to push down on the spinnning stick . otherwise you wont get enough heat . also rubbing two sticks together makes better friction fires than anything using a rope

  5. Thank you, your videos bring back memories, most good and some not so good but we learn from our mistakes. I am old now and unable to
    enjoy the great outdoors as I once did, but nostalgia works it's magic thanks to your video's.

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