10 Winter Survival Tips Everyone Must Know

winter #survival #gear I discuss the many dimensions of winter survival in winter and provide some suggestions. MORE WINTER …


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  1. I lived in ski country as a kiddo Our electric would go out for days. We would pack our food in the snow banks, insulate a room to all stay in with a propane heater. I had frostbite bad as a kid and ever since my hands and feet get so cold . This gave me some good ideas to deal with that. Ty

  2. I don't mean to be sexist but this is my 32nd year living in a three seasons state and the older I get the more I realize how difficult it is surviving winter even though I live pretty much in the city and I have electricity and I don't have to go chapelwood etc I'm more looking for survival hacks for one my car gets stuck like carrying kitty litter in the trunk which in my opinion that's a bad idea I recommend putting it in the back seat because you are a lot more likely to be rear-ended in the winter making your trunk unavailable so I recommend not even putting your groceries in the trunk during the winter because it would really suck getting your car out of the impound or repair shop a week later with hundreds of dollars of groceries sitting in your trunk so don't do that during the winter anyways what I was getting at is I searched winter life hacks and the first video that popped up was a female speaking and I just kind of shoved it off to the side am I wrong for that? Don't get me wrong there's some tough females out there definitely tougher than I am for sure but this one did not look like it

  3. The "survival" that's far more likely for most people:
    -extended power outages while they're at home
    -getting stranded for a few days on a highway
    -getting hurt while hiking, camping, or hunting.

    There's important winter preps that apply, such as fire-starting gear, good boots, gloves, and clothing layers, etc. If he hasn't already, this guy could likely put together some thoughtful videos on the "average person emergency winter survival".

  4. do not feed your dog raw meat. the meat from the stores is full of parasites which is why we can't eat it raw. meat in nature is much less likely to have parasites than store farmed meat

  5. Once again you have a non Hunter trying to pretend that he is a hunter or Bushcraft or Woodsman. Every hunter in the world realizes if we all go hunting at once there will be no game left in a matter of weeks summer or winter, it will be killed out, there will be nothing left. We will be huge shooting each other for food! for Christ sakes if you're going to be a prepper, then THINK LIKE A pepper you have to think about these things.
    CP you are dead wrong, IF you think you'll be good hunting in the winter yes for a few days back for 2 weeks ain't nothing left.

    Your better off going to the ocean, all the fish you can catch.

  6. Please be mindful of your dog's feet not matter the breed. My GSD/Husky girl got frost bite in 10 degree weather and I had to carry her out. You might think they are stupid, but booties will save from the pain your dog won't tell you until they limp in pain.

  7. He’s talking about winter camping not winter survival they are wholly different things. I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to survival when you only have is a pocket knife and a bottle of water you can be very comfortable as long as you have access to protein.

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