Freshman Year Survival Guide

HEY LOOK A PATREON: Freshman year is often times a scary and difficult period in any teenager’s life.


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  1. Hello new kiddos discovering this video! I have lots more helpful, silly, thoughtful videos on my channel if you’re interested. I also have a cool punk rock band if you like stuff like My Chemical Romance and Twenty One Pilots.

    Best of luck with your new adventure! It’s not gonna be that bad, I promise.

  2. Returning to this in my late sophomore year (I watched this originally in 5th or 6th grade????) and congrats to me I didn’t do anything too stupid…other than walking into the wrong classroom like everyone else

  3. I went to special ed. It had no drama. And no sex. Only weirdos who sat on their computer all day. I was mostly looking at YouTube the whole time. Also no personal growth that comes from adversity, sex and drama. Whenever they played that "Have I ever" game in university I never got to drink. Which makes me want to drink.

  4. I remember watching ts in like 7th or 8th grade, got hit with coivd virtual learning freshman year, depressive anti-social life sohpomore year, experimenting junior year, and regretful senior year. Graduating soon tho

  5. I watched this when I was in like the fourth-fifth grade. Im now mid-way through freshman year. I told myself to come back to this video when I do become a freshmen so here I am

    This video is very nostalgic😭

  6. Class of 2024 here, I'm a senior now but my entire Freshman year was online, Sophomore year was mostly masked up. Junior and Senior year were pretty much normal except our school doesn't use the lockers anymore, we just carry our stuff around. Also parts of my high school were a construction zone from Sophomore-Junior year since they were building a new middle school attached to it. Very unique experience to say the least, I still had good times during those years but sometimes I wonder how different things could've been, for better or for worse.

  7. Omg please to any freshman or even people in high school who are watching this, take his advice about leaving your house and going on adventures remember these are the stories you’re going to tell you kids one day, I can assure you as long as you don’t break the law ( ok maybe just a little law breaking) and you’re safe the punishment is very worth it for the memories and the experience

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