50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!

Here’s a few handy tips and tricks that may just come in useful one day. Practical tips for Survival!


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  1. I was a bit disappointed as 30% of the video was on starting fires, I know a fire is one of the most important ingredients or commodities in survival. But having a flint stick with you, you dont need 20 tips. Otherwise my advice is stay at home…
    You certainly had a lot of aluminium foil available, I think its one of the last items one takes with when going out into the bush.
    I would have liked more tips on using tins, as survival tips, such as reflecting the sunlight for attention.. piece of glass bottom as a magnifying glass to start a fire…
    Using a compass or mirror is not a tip. it's to me common sense..
    The carcoal as a sunblock and explaining the reflection of the snow, a great tip.. but one should then zigzag in that direction and not firectly into the sun.
    Then, as part of equipment, a whisle is an excellent item as it can be heard much further away than any shouting…
    Anyway, it's my dimes worth of thoughts…

  2. Very nice!! Ive watched many things like this over the years. And used things from them. Mostly when homeless living in woods etc in Spain.
    I did something I never do, which is subscribed to you within a minute of the start. You know your stuff and this is insanely useful information.
    You explain extremely well, and include things i have never herard before. Like getting water from moss. So thank you very much!
    P.S. Damn!! I didn't notice this was 10 years old. I really needed some of these tips back then. Thats when i was living rough, but working full time jobs.
    And soooo many new things ive never heard before 😮😊

  3. A knife, or sharp rocks can gauge small bowl shapes in logs which are great to boil water in by adding heated rocks, as well as carry water. Your duct tape is a great match extender also, But I would save it for your blisters and tarp holes.

  4. Place random safety pins in your first-aid kit, they can be used to fasten clothes, remove splinters, and even serve as great fish hooks. Your small multi hole ferro rod you mentioned is great. All my boots have one through the 550 survivor cord shoelaces on one boot as well as a piece of metal on the other boot shoelaces.I don't ever even think of them, but they will always there. 550 Survivor cord contains fire cord, thread, and monofilament fishing line along with the seven nylon strands.

  5. Great videos, thank you. You may want to look pine nuts before you burn the pine cones. Plastic placed over cone shaped holes with a rock in the center and a cup under the plastic below the cup. Green plants, especially when damp, that you haven't been able to gather as you mentioned.

  6. Excellent batch of information. An important thing I have found to have when you're out 'n about in the forest, that most people don't have on them, is a whistle. It sure saves your vocal chords….Thanks for sharing. As the other commenter stated, "this video is worth its weight in gold."🔥👍

  7. Ik no one will see this any more but been filling for year but I was camping near Swindon and I had pine resin I bought of internet crushed up in my go bag go pulled over by feds taken station and everything they didn’t believe it was pine resin after testing they thought it was a new liquid coke told them tested came back negative was held for 28 hours for no reason over crushed up pine resin which tbh does look like mdma crystal😂

  8. Bro I love your videos I always use to watch your youtube videos and i remeber in 4th grade I took a peice of stick and presented it too the class and how to make a fire and actually made one I went to the principle

  9. Tampons should not be used to plug punctures. These will draw blood into them rather than promote clotting. I learned this at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

  10. 2:00 pine needles are good?! as far as I'm aware they can be ok to burn on top of, but they have a high water content so are very bad on fires, especially starting. unless you want to make a smoke signal

  11. Tampons are usless for major wound they can be good for basic cuts but they dont work in puntcure wounds, they are however good for an improvvised water filter first a tampax then some sand followed by charcoal and then another tampax

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