15 Wilderness Bushcraft Skills For Surviving 100 Days Alone in the Wild | Brought to you by History

15 Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Skills for surviving 100 days alone in the outdoors. This video is sponsored by History.


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  1. I thought a waste of 15 minutes, every survival tip video's show fire starters, etc.
    The plastic bag over the leaves, great but you can put 2 or 3 branches in the same plastic bag and increase the water production.
    Making 3 legged stool a complete waste of time and energy, sitting on a log, just as good…
    I like the fishing gear, but you should have it anchored.
    If a big fish strikes or you slip and fall or even knock it out of your hand, its gone for good.
    I think its extremely important to have or prepare your hikes, camping or whatever by having your emergency or survival kit.
    Then to desplay and show the uses of the items
    Whistle, matches, small magnifying glass, knife axe or fencing tool, rope, string, gloves,
    Tips of how to keep warm, mark your trail…
    The intestines of fish birds, etc, make ideal bait for fishing. Looks like worms
    Ladies Nylon Stocking makes an excellent prawn, crab, and lobster trap with bait on the inside. They get their legs into the stocking and can't pull them out… works perfectly.
    Anyway, that's my dimes worth of opinion

  2. I watch alone every Saturday night on defy TV. It's the only show I look forward to watching on the weekend and now I am subscribed to TA outdoors and have the bell turned on to get all notifications from this channel. Thanks again for doing what you're doing. Keep it up! I enjoy watching and learning new techniques from your YouTube channel and Facebook.😊

  3. Is this good for people who want to die? I have suicidal problems and depression and want to know would doing this outdoors for a long time help mentally? I have lived in a city in uk for many years and hate it, i love nature and animals and spirituality but im very useless at getting good at anything its one reason why im still single from 19yrs old to almost 26 this year no matter how nice i been, mom passed in 2017 and i been living alone since so being on my own i think im used to, but i need some kind of deep healing to prevent me doing something stupid

  4. Mike another great video as always. Glad that you concentrated on the 4 essential skills. If you can master those you are well on your way to being able to survive many emergency situations. Thanks again mate.

  5. I usually carry a lot of equipment and gear, plate carrier, loaded ruck, belt and so forth. It is nice to know what I should keep in my 1st line to survive in case I have to drop my 2nd and 3rd line of equipment.

  6. These tips are awesome.

    I decided to take an empty leather journal i havent known what to do with yet. And turn it into a bushcraft/survival book.

    Just so i can refresh myself every now and then without having to look at a screen

  7. Our great Canadian survivalist, Les Stroud really got me interested in outdoor survival & was stoked when Alone aired. I'm not a great outdoors-person, but I do very well in a camping situation in remote woods. No great feat, I know, but am always loving expanding any outdoor knowledge.

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