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  1. Even Putin states the US will be blasted back to the past turned into a third world country. Maybe it’ll happen with event like this….. protect your family and protect your community and protect your country

  2. I may be the only "resource" my neighbor have…WHAT? As soon as they find out you are prepped… now have become their neighborhood "handout store" and they'll tell their families and friends all about you…..FACT! Absolutely keep your mouth shut…they had time to prepare but CHOSE NOT TO…….and that was THIER choice they have to live with. Review the story of the ant and the grasshopper and learn from it! They've been spending their money on all kinds of non important and stupid toys, gadgets, Starbucks, $100 shoes, video games and movies to "keep up with their friends" on social media while you've been scrimping, saving and prepping. Now they EXPECT you to help take care of them? OMGosh…….. Sad to say, I have no doubt they voted blue, and will do it again!

  3. Number ONE tip….do NOT live in a city if you can avoid it. You may survive the initial impact, but your neighbors will act VERY differently toward you when it happens….FACT! And now we have 6 MILLION illegals who have crossed the border in the past 3 Biden years……add THEM to this mix and see what happens! Thanks, Liberals!
    *Other than food and water, alcohol, tobacco (products) and Ammunition are great barter items too…..think about it.

  4. This is paranoia. Other countries go thru 'doomsday events' and seem to get aid and relief from the international community all the time. I would imagine that if the shtf, people in general would come together and help each other. I just don't think it's rational to believe that the world will fall apart and there will be anarchy with looters and home invaders. With all the refugees in the world, its more likely that people will just leave and go somewhere else…. and those that stay behind to scavage and live in solitary confinement the same way that homeless people do are supposed to be more prepared??? It's paranoia and the only way this scenario can take place is a global natural disaster like an asteroid, in which case we are probably better off dead.

  5. Our town was flooded and it took a month to restore basic services. The first week was fine, the second week was tough, by week three people were just so annoyed no one wanted to help anyone and the stores were EMPTY! Week 4, even family outside the effected area didn't want us coming over to take showers, but food in the stores was back. I am not sure what would have happened if week 5 wouldn't have been restored to normal.

  6. In a large natural disaster and even widespread manmade disasters, the local authorities will not be available. (see New Orleans)
    They have their own property to protect and families to be concerned with. They will not report for work in large numbers. This will include police, fire, and public works. It will also include hospitals and retail.
    All will be understaffed.

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