How To Start a Band: A Survival Guide

HEY LOOK A PATREON! or It’s been a hot minute but I’m back with a super long …


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  1. I only watched twenty seconds of it, and i'm just going to say, that i have 19 with 15 years of experience druming alone all music genres possible and i already like the video

  2. Once you get to the point where you go on tour, you find out that you HAVE to be union (AFM). That's when you find out you can't go back to playing your old bar gigs-you can't even go to a jam night, because it's a "dark date", and a 50K fine.
    Per incident.
    I have turned down some very high profile gigs because of this.
    Plus, you only get 15-bcucks per day per diem, and you don't get paid until the tour is over. At union rate, which is about half of what you get for 1 gig at a bar.
    Stay local, my friends.

  3. not in a band yet, but as someone who's been playing guitar and drums for several years, i think that some of these opinions come off as gatekeep-y at best and dick-ish at worst. who's to say someone's band won't go far? this video has 1.7 million views as of right now–who's to say one of those people won't get famous? and as for the cover bands thing, why not, if someone really wants to do that? who are you to call it trash? and the making fun of girls with ukuleles joke got old a long time ago.
    idk, i just hate all the gatekeeping and negative energy people have in music. music should be about having fun and creating something and connecting with your community, not about proving your superior taste and pushing other people down. no one owns music, and no one can tell you what to do or what not to do.

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