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  1. I love these little tidbits. I mean I know it already.. but I always seem to learn something new. People nowadays will focus on outfits and how they are going to film their hike (it’s awful) and completely forget about survival.

    Case in point. Go YouTube any road rage video.. sports thing, concert.. you’ll see dipshits with their phone in front of them 100% vapid and insecure. They think filming something cool will make them cool by transference.. it’s fascinating and sad.

    That’s my rant. Screw people who ruin nature making it an influencers film set and filming people trying to enjoy logging off tech for a bit.

    And I don’t consider you one of them. You’re literally filming stuff in remote locations purely to show trick and tips, your channel is a blessing for people starting out so don’t take me wrong.

    I’m talking about the 90# sheltered white women who have a boyfriend trailing behind them getting slow motion shots of them in a bikini near a waterfall and shit. I actually had to cut a camping trip short cause those fucks came out and ruined it.

  2. Who cares about the water because with the noise that blanket is making. Pretty sure ever wolf and bear around are on the way to finish you off 😂

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