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  1. I remember when it was made by or for Charter Arms and was a companion for the AR-7 rifle and pistol. I didn't get around to buying one to go with my AR-7. But when I saw these for sale a few years back I bought one. Definitely needs to be sharpened more for my taste, but better than nothing. I'd grab my Eastwing hatchet first.

  2. Well with it cutting your finger open i dont think its a suitable tool, sure if you pay 100% attention the whole time it probably removes the risk but thats an ideal situation, in a real survival situation you are likely very tired/dehydrated/malnourished so ending up with a wound from using a tool to create a new handle when the old one shrinks when it dries out could be a literal death sentence

  3. Thing looks like a novelty item but with how crude and basic it is it would be the perfect survival tool. things not gonna breaking on ya and has multiple uses making it a great for limiting space, pairing this with something like the settlers auger and you'd be pretty well set.

  4. I don't feel the attachment is nearly as secure as a traditional tomahawk. I don't think it's the worst thing out there but it wouldn't be my first choice

  5. If anyone was wondering, I have been using mine for over 40 years. Even though it's cast steel, it looks like it did when I bought it. It's quite durable, takes a sharp edge and can be fitted with a hickory hammer handle if you don't mind a little whittling. My handle has been attached for 30 plus years and shows no sign of loosening. The threaded eye holds wood quite well.

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