50 Survival Tips When 1 Second Decides It All

Dogs are known as man’s best friend but sometimes in the rare instance they attack. Are you afraid of dogs? Do you know how to …


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  1. For the first couple minutes, I was just listening to the video. All I kept hearing is the narrator, " If you bla bla…" Followed by "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" and then narrator repeating and so on… And I'm thinking boy that guy is having the worst day ever!!

  2. Just be honest with you maybe I am not one person I think I had a past life but my friend Logan only has three dogs but I don't think one of those big dogs is a Logan has free big dogs so those dogs are quite killer and I'm not very afraid of the dog so don't be mad but I am I am I have fed

  3. U know what i do when a dog try to attacks me i pick my sleepers yeah seriously it always work like they run and its done but if the dog didn't run and still want a fight just trow ur sleeper or a rock but not that hard

  4. And i had to get so many syringes before that got so many hurts so i got 1 tt syringe and then after that i got a raibes syringe and after 1 week another one and then another one after 21 days

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