Re-engage with your inactive email subscribers

Occasionally subscribers will stop interacting 
with your messages so you may consider launching   A re-engagement campaign to get them 
engaged with your emails once again   We’re going to go to subscribers And then dorman subscribers   And that will bring up subscribers who haven’t 
engaged with any messages in the last 90 days   You can change this time frame if you’d like you 
can make it longer or you can make it shorter   We’ll keep this as is and we’re going to save 
our segment as inactive subscribers all one word We’ll now go over to our drafts and get our 
message ready to go to send out to our subscribers   What you would want to do with your re-engagement 
email is you would want to reel your subscribers   Back in with something like a promotion a freebie 
or a coupon in this example we’ll go with a coupon   We already have our coupon element in here in 
this instance we’re going to give away a free   Recipe to our subscribers you can always take 
the coupon element and add it into your message   And then customize it as needed for this we’ll 
go ahead and save our message as it’s ready to go And when we’re ready to send our 
broadcast we’re going to schedule   The broadcast to our inactive subscriber segment So we’ll come in here and go ahead and 
choose that inactive subscriber segment And then we’ll go ahead and schedule out our 
message for the time we would like to send it out   You can also send it immediately if you’d 
like here is our message scheduled to our   Inactive subscribers and it will only send to the 
subscribers in that inactive subscribers segment   After your message is sent you 
can go back into subscribers   And after some time has passed you can go in 
and see who did not open that specific message   From there you can go ahead and 
delete the subscribers who did not   Open the message and you can focus on 
your engaged subscribers moving forward

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