How to write and publish a book in 90 days

Thanks for joining this webinar from aweber and 
featuring a guest from self-publishing school he’s   Going to be talking all about how to write and 
publish publish a book in 90 days just a note we   Have actually pre-recorded this presentation and 
we’re hanging out in the chat answering questions   So if you have any questions at all please feel 
free to ask anything whenever you think of it   And we’ll answer it straight away I am so so so 
happy to have you all here uh Our Guest today   Is Matt Emery he’s a publishing strategist at 
self-publishing school and he has had over 10   000 conversations with aspiring authors about how 
to best write produce publish and launch Books   Today he’s going to talk about how you can write 
your first book and the difference between selling   A few hundred books to being able to actually 
quit your job and work for yourself full-time   So thank you so much for joining us Matt I’m 
really excited and I actually have a question   For you to kick things off I know that you have 
written a book yourself so what made you want   To write a book in the first place yeah so 
writing has been my longest standing dream   Um I think I was maybe 14 or 15 when 
I first said that I wanted to do that   Uh when I was like punching a clock at the grocery 
store bagging groceries like I don’t think I ever   Want to to work a real job um I I was over it 
when I was 15. so uh why don’t you kick us off   With uh how we can write our own books and I will 
certainly be taking notes myself the place that I   Wanted to lead people with my book was was to 
Christ uh to church you know and my church is   This building with stained glass windows and a 
cross on top um but more than anything I think   All of us in some way like want to lead people 
to the thing that that they really need and maybe   For you that’s something totally different it 
took 15 years for me to write this book I was   14 when I started writing a book and I was 
29 when this one was published you know and   I realized that what I’ve been lacking for 15 
years is I never had any expert I never had any   Coaching or mentorship around writing a book 
I was just literally guessing I was trying to   Reinvent the wheel so I never had a process I 
never had mentorship and I was pretty much the   Only person in my world that I knew that wanted 
to write a book so I was just figuring it out   Add one single conversation with the guy who 
would become my mentor on October 1st and he   Asked me like maybe five questions that I’d never 
thought to answer that gave me more clarity that   Allowed me to move forward on my book just like 
with a knowledge of exactly what I was creating   And literally from that moment every time I spent 
a half hour on the book I was getting a half hour   Closer or so it fell and that’s why I was able to 
get a book done in it was actually like 81 days   So what I want to try to do in realizing that the 
same things that plagued me for 15 years seemed to   Plague the average aspiring author you know after 
10 000 conversations over the last three years uh   We’re very alike and so by addressing some of the 
things that I struggled with by addressing some   Of the things that the average aspiring author 
struggles with I’m going to give you the road  

Map to publishing and launching and marketing a 
successful book in the next 90 days I’m going to   Move pretty quick and so please like stick around 
to the end if I move too fast don’t worry you will   Have access to replays and slides and notes and 
people to answer your questions and sort of a   Next step and so can I ask you a question really 
quickly Matt before you move on of course um I   Think that a lot of people from our audience 
uh maybe have thought about writing a book and   Um I’m sure they’re really excited to hear about 
how to do it faster with the tips that you have   Um but do you have any tips before we get kicked 
off on what if you haven’t decided what you want   To write about what if you don’t know what you 
should write about specifically how do you get   Started thinking about that yeah absolutely I 
think there’s a couple of different ways that   You can kind of approach that this is not an 
uncommon feeling it’s uh it’s either hey I know   Exactly what I want to write I got my idea and 
if if there’s some of you in this group awesome   Congratulations there’s also people that will 
think man I have too many ideas I’ve got no idea   Which one to start with and you know that’s that’s 
what’s holding me up is I don’t know where to   Start with my so many ideas and then there’s some 
people that are like I don’t really have any idea   Um so maybe identify In This Moment which group 
you’re in if you’re the person that either has   Too many ideas or or no idea consider what are 
the broken record conversations that you have   All the time and maybe it’s things that uh 
that are fairly introductory to your area of   Expertise like the things that you’re coaching 
on that you seem like man I would love to go   Deep and I’d love to get you know on this expert 
level with a lot of the people that I’m helping   But we spend the majority of our time talking 
about the really basic stuff uh if you can take   That basic stuff and put it into a book and really 
like encapsulate your your area of expertise then   Next time you’re going to have that broken record 
conversation you could just say hey you know what   I wrote a book on this subject um I think a lot 
of people write Memoirs a lot of people write   Self-help Books A lot of people combine those 
two into like a self-help Memoir it’s almost like   When I look back on all of the things that I’ve 
gone through in my life that have taught me so   Much that I wouldn’t undo because they’ve made 
me who I am but I could have gone through that   Experience a lot more gracefully I like to 
call this the Good Valley it’s like you know   You went through the valley but when you really 
reflect on it it was a good thing for you how   Can we turn back to those people that are 
going to have some of the same experiences   That we have in the future and just help them 
get through it a little bit more painlessly   Um maybe you write about your business expertise 
maybe you read about the book that you would   Have would have wanted to read 10 years ago 
or that thing that was so lacking from your   Childhood or your upbringing and maybe you 
can put some of these lessons so that the   Person who may also feel like they’re lacking 
those things has a resource the very resource  

That you longed for in in the past yeah those 
are some great ideas uh also for any aweber   Customers out there who are sending emails 
uh just look back through all of the emails   That you’ve sent which one was your favorite to 
write and uh take that as your jumping off point   Um it could be you know because you inserted 
personal aspects or because you happen to   Just be a nerd about that particular topic or 
something and that’s a really good place to start   To identify you know in your head what would be 
the thing that you want to write a big story about   So I’m I’m Matt Emery I’m from Brighton Michigan 
I’ve been writing since I was like eight years   Old at that point it was like you know letters 
to Grandma where I was just trying to use all   Of my new vocab words but uh started the 
book in 2005 published that book in 2020   Uh and kind of figured out a recipe wrote a second 
book in July um and I just published the third and   A fourth uh earlier in September of this year uh 
and then also launched a podcast called authority   Figures uh my first book I’ll introduce this in 
a second it’s about a year that I lived in a van   And I traveled to the country and searching for 
what was missing in my life and and that’s where   I crashed into Jesus uh in that year I spent a ton 
of time backpacking and I think writing a book is   Analogous to a backpacking trips it’s it’s often 
going deep into the back country to a place within   Ourselves that we rarely explore and we’re gonna 
go we’re gonna go deep you know writing a book is   Definitely not all sunshine and rainbows you know 
it is tiring it is hard I think like 81 of people   In uh in the world have this dream to write a book 
and only one percent of them actually do it’s it’s   Not obvious what to do it’s not obvious which 
way to go sometimes you feel like and what am I   Doing out here who am I to think that I could do 
this you know I’m just going to use my pages for   One final bonfire and get a little bit of warmth 
uh before I before I call it quits and head out   But stick with it even when you feel throughout 
this process like man this is this is tough I   Don’t think I’m cut out for this stick with it 
so I’m going to give you a process and a couple   Of tips to stick with it over the next 40 minutes 
or so I’d love for you to have a pen uh some paper   Some intentionality uh and just say this time is 
devoted to making progress on my book and uh maybe   Close out of some of those other tabs or put your 
phone away and just say this is what I’m going to   Do with this time um and if you engage with this 
time and you’re intentional about this time I I   Dare say you’re going to build some momentum that 
really excites you about this book that you’re   Going to write so let’s lean into that um and 
I think you can trust your Trail Guide out here   So over the last 17 years I’ve I’ve fallen into 
all the pits but I have eventually learned the   Process on how to write a kiss and after over 
10 000 conversations uh with aspiring authors   I kind of know what you might go through and of 
course having these are three of my books where   The rubber meets the road was the first one 
the detourist is the one that published the   Beginning of this month and the Kaleidoscope is 
uh the tool that I use to build my email list to  

Build my following it’s kind of the free giveaway 
the lead magnet also known as the reader magnet uh   So we’ll talk about that and how that is a really 
vital tool to to really growing the business and   Not just selling books but anybody that buys your 
book becomes sort of a member of your community   So in the next bit of time we’re going to talk 
about the three myths that authors believe that   Stop them from being published we’re going to talk 
about the book skeleton method this is how to plan   Write and publish a book to bestseller in 90 days 
and we’re going to talk about the single most   Important step for long-term success with your 
book with your business that’ll help you create   The lifestyle that you envision for yourself um 
so that’s gonna we’re gonna talk about the book   Launch at that point and at the very end I’ll 
give you information on how you can personally   Work with self-publishing school if you just 
want to have a coach a mentor someone to hold   You accountable to make sure you stay on the right 
track then we’re absolutely here for that as well   So delving into these myths myth number one is 
doubt I doubt that and we finished that sentence   In a lot of different ways myth number two is my 
book has to be perfect in order to be valuable   Just a very pervasive sense of perfectionism 
so we’ll address that and then we’ll talk about   What a lot of people say is well writing a book 
takes years and I don’t want to do something that   Takes years I really want to live this lifestyle I 
want to have this thing within the next few months   Uh and so we’ll address the lack of a process So diving right in myth number one I doubt that 
have you ever heard of the expression uh doubt   Has killed more dreams than failure ever has well 
fear and uncertainty and doubt show up throughout   This whole creative book process and so maybe 
it starts out with you know I doubt that I have   Anything valuable to share because I’m not an 
expert I don’t have a degree a certification   An accreditation something like really special 
this certificate on the wall that says that you   Know what you have to share is valuable this 
is just classic imposter syndrome and the more   Successful that people are oddly enough the 
greater imposter syndrome seems to sneak in   Uh people that don’t seem to have a whole lot of 
value to share are like charging along just you   Know thinking that they they’ve got the world 
on their shoulders so essentially what imposter   Syndrome becomes is now you do something and it’s 
easy for you and because it’s easy for you now you   Discount the value of that thing while there are 
still people that are at the beginning of Learning   This skill or learning this thing or navigating 
life and it’s definitely not easy for them   Um while there’s people that know what 
they’re doing saying all of this stuff   Is so obvious it’s kind of like I doubt that 
anyone will care because it’s obvious or I’m   Just a normal person I’m not a celebrity or 
uh my situation is not unique there’s always   A I doubt my abilities like I’m not a 
writer I have never done this before   So if if doubt has ever shown up for you when 
you’re trying to do something new or special  

By all means own that throw that in the chat 
always good to just say yeah you know that’s me   Um but we’re going to address that in in a way 
that I think we’ll be alleviating of some of   The pressure that doubt creates so Zig Ziglar 
said writing my book was the most profitable   Thing that I ever did and that would have 
been true even if I never sold one copy   So I’ve thought of a lot about this quote like 
why would somebody say this why is this true if   You never sold a single copy how could it 
be profitable well one real way that I’ve   Experienced this is the moment that I finished 
my book and I’ve published it I felt different   It was almost like there was this wall around 
my potential and when I published the book that   Wall came crumbling down and it was like well if 
I can do this what else am I capable of and then   I move forward in my life with this new sense of 
confidence and certainty and like I don’t know   What I can do but my my potential is out of sight 
and I’m Gonna Keep charging ahead it’s it’s such   A transformative process to write a book that 
even as you’re writing it sure like you want to   Sell copies you want this to change your life but 
maybe as you’re writing it you just think look who   I’m becoming in this process because this person 
that I’m becoming in this process uh is so capable   That’s how I interpret the quote um it’s so 
common to to also just to underestimate the   Value of our experience sometimes this happens 
where we say I learned the most interesting   Thing today we tell that to to someone close 
to us and then that person thinks or maybe   They say really you just learned that today like 
I’ve literally been telling you that for years   This phenomenon occurs because I think people 
learn best in two ways number one people learn   From others who are relatable and the other 
way is people learn through familiarity   So maybe some of you have said yeah I really want 
to write a book on such and such topic you know   Of which I have an expertise but there’s already 
five books there’s already ten books 100 books   Written on that subject well people learn from 
others who are relatable and so there are those   That have never heard what you want to teach in 
a way that they can really connect with and so   The fact that you’re writing the book and you’re 
writing it in your way with your language there’s   Going to be people that have an affinity to 
the particular way that you want to say it   Uh also even if they’ve heard it five times before 
people learn through familiarity and as soon as   They’re ready your book can be there uh to teach 
them because you cannot say the right thing to the   Wrong person and you cannot say the wrong thing to 
the right person and we all have different right   People so we have to we we should feel compelled 
to teach what we have to teach knowing that uh   Someone will be able to learn it from us where 
they couldn’t learn it elsewhere that’s from the   Go Giver so actually your reason not to write 
the book is the exact reason that you need to   So that’s doubt that’s flipping doubt on its 
head number two my book has to be perfect any any   Perfectionists out there maybe that there’s this 
this stuff that when you create content or when  

You write things you’re like constantly looking 
it over and redoing it if you’re a perfectionist   Throat perfectionism or perfectionist in the 
chat I think you’re gonna love this section if so   So this false belief shows up in a variety of 
ways too our subconscious blurts out things   Like it’s not good enough I can do better time 
to start over that’s why in this comic you have   The brain that says there done my heart says yay 
doesn’t it feel good to just let go of something   Instead of trying to make it perfect brains 
like skirt you’re right it isn’t good enough   And you see he’s scratched out everything that 
he’s done so far and is prepared to start over   Um typical for a perfectionist to to do that or to 
read other authors and to play a comparison game I   Read other authors and they’re so much better than 
me I don’t know what I’m doing I would never put   My name on this piece of crap I’m terrible I stink 
I’m the worst this book is only 60 pages so that   Doesn’t count as a book I can’t publish something 
like that which is false a lot of great books are   60 Pages even less I’m just going to embarrass 
myself so your book doesn’t have to be perfect   In order to be valuable in fact I really love 
John Maxwell who’s written like over 80 books he   Was at our conference a couple of years ago we do 
a conference called author Advantage live he said   I called my editor as I was writing my eighth book 
I said I think I’m figuring out this writing thing   And the reason this this this 
struck me as so beautiful is   You know Imagine John like on his seventh book 
like man I’m not sure I’m getting it exactly   Perfectly right but I know that some somebody’s 
gonna get something out of this book that this   Is valuable content sure yeah I could probably 
articulate it a little bit more clearly but you   Know I don’t I don’t need to chase Perfection 
I’m just gonna publish this dang thing and he   Did that seven times and finally on the eighth 
book he’s like I think I’m figuring it out   So I love being like John not being hyper critical 
of ourselves and Learn by doing if we are going to   Apply any sort of perfectionism to this process 
we can apply a perfect rationale and the perfect   Rationale is there’s a certain amount of time and 
effort that’ll get you a certain quality and then   Above that time and effort above that quality it’s 
not really reasonable or rational to put any more   Time into the book because you can get to an 8 out 
of 10 in a matter of a few months and then you can   Spend the next year or more chasing incremental 
Improvement so get to that point where you’re   Satisfied enough uh and know that a completed 
book is better than a few perfect chapters   You know if you publish a good book this I really 
want you to hear this if you publish a good book   You’re going to be miles ahead of the people 
that are chasing perfect because those people   That are chasing perfect are never going to get 
any skin in the game they’re going to have two   Perfect chapters in their in their Microsoft Word 
save to their computer and that’s it so you don’t   Need to write a perfectly airtight book plus not 
all your book is going to be for everyone there’s   Going to be certain parts that people fixate on 
and learn from so take the pressure off yourself  

As much as possible and a couple of tips in order 
to do that is right where you know think of it as   Practice don’t edit while you write when you’re 
when you’re putting together the rough draft   Your prerogative you’re one directive while you’re 
writing and we’re going to talk about this process   Here in a second is right there comes a time where 
editing becomes part of the process but editing   And writing are not happening simultaneously uh 
they’re completely different phases of the process   So make writing a daily Rock and when you’re 
writing you’re just writing maybe you protect 30   Minutes a day I don’t know if any of you have ever 
read the book Atomic habits but he talks about you   Know just go to the gym for five minutes you’re 
struggling to wash the dishes just wash one dish   Just work just write for five minutes a day maybe 
10 maybe 30. but get to that point where it’s sort   Of habituated and that time is protected and you 
can Infuse it into an already really busy life   Know that someday you’re going to hire an 
editor and so the book does not need to be   Perfect and just immerse yourself into one 
book at a time so follow those tips uh and   Then this one don’t squat with your Spurs 
on that’s just a little bit of Texas wisdom   So myth number two you are blocking your book with 
unrealistic expectations if you’re ever saying my   Book has to be perfect in order to be valuable 
so inspect what you expect out of yourself   Uh and we’re going to talk about the process so 
that you can take some of that pressure maybe   That you’re putting on yourself and you’re going 
to put it on something that is tried and true   So if writing a book takes years you know I’ve 
heard people say that people also say yeah I   Don’t have time I don’t know where to start I have 
too many ideas I have so much content but I don’t   Know how to put it together into one cohesive 
book you know I’ll just hire a ghost writer I   Have writer’s block and so I wager that if you’ve 
ever said any of these things that’s not what’s   True what’s true is that you just haven’t had a 
process and so success is structural not personal   And we do we do not rise to the level of our goals 
we fall to the level of our systems so we really   Need to have a good system and a couple additional 
tips we probably all at some point heard the   Expression proper preparation prevents poor 
performance I I guess that you probably didn’t   Wake up this morning and say you know what all all 
that I need to do today to to have a good day is   Just to not perform poorly I’m sure that on some 
level you are aware of your potential and you’re   Kind of chasing it you know you know exactly 
what you want you have a sense of what you’re   Capable of and you need purposeful preparation 
in order to prosper your potential because a lot   Of authors exhaust themselves but really writers 
exhaust themselves because they don’t they’re not   Doing the right things and they’re thinking that 
man this is so hard I’m working up such a sweat   I’m exhausted at the end of my days I’m putting 
so much effort and I’m grinding I’m hustling   I think we all I’m at this point right now like 
all right we get to a point in our life where   In order to get what we want that additional 
thing like that additional Freedom uh that that  

More time for ourselves we don’t want to put in 
more effort it can’t always come down to putting   In more effort to get more right there has to be a 
point where you say what is the really smart thing   That I can do right now so this inspired action 
so that everything else in the rest of my life is   Easier well on one hand writing a book is really 
that thing it’s that thing that’ll make everything   Else you do for the rest of your life easier but 
on a more micro scale having the proper process is   The thing to just make writing a book easy and 
really attainable so again write one book at a   Time and know that if you have a proper outline 
you could write your book in weeks and I think   You could speak your book in a matter of hours I’m 
not articulate or enough of an external processor   To be able to speak my book but if if you are then 
this is a really good way to knock something out   In a weekend like what Hayden Crabtree he had just 
graduated from uh Commercial Real Estate College   I think it was some program within the college 
for real estate and he wrote his book in a week   Since writing his book you know it was sort 
of a response to this man I have so many of   My friends and people who know me coming up and 
asking the same doggone questions and I’m tired   Of answering them so I’m gonna just write this 
book in this week this will be an extra product   And something that I can make some passive income 
on but anytime people ask that same question I’ll   Just say oh go read my book well then people read 
his book and he did a really good job of leading   People to his website into some of his extra 
resources in his book so we ended up building   A pretty decent email list from this book and 
it seemed like people after the book were still   Reaching out to him by email with more questions 
so he’s like well I don’t want to answer these   Questions this is just a different level of broken 
record so I’m going to put together a course so we   Developed a course charged a thousand dollars for 
the course after people went through the course   They seem to still have questions for him and so 
he created a mastermind it was like four thousand   Dollars to join The Mastermind for a year uh and 
when the Mastermind got together it was people   That were really serious about commercial real 
estate and they all kind of had the same problem   Man how do we how do we determine you know 
with math which properties we should invest in   So Hayden developed a software and it became 
this thing where of course he was still doing   The commercial real estate and doing really well 
with that but this book and the opportunities that   This book created for him uh led to about about 
a million dollars in in Revenue in the last two   Years since he wrote his book um he’s been on 
podcasts with Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardone   And it’s just created so many opportunities and 
the initial motivation was I need to free up more   Time because I’m tired of being a broken record 
you know and then you just follow you build the   Leverage and then you just kind of follow the 
momentum so writing a book doesn’t have to take   Years with the right process you can write a 
great book in 90 days or less or more uh but   I think we want it to be less so your reason 
not to write the book is the exact reason you  

Must you’re blocking your book with unrealistic 
expectations if you’re applying perfectionism   To it and with the right process you can write a 
great book in 90 days so that begs the question   What Matt is the right process because I go to 
the internet and I Google all sorts of things I’ve   Seen so many different processes and everybody 
says something different the important thing   About a the right process it’s not a hodgepodge 
Patchwork thing that you accumulate for yourself   From 40 different blog posts on the internet uh I 
think there’s multiple processes that would really   Work this is the process that worked for me and 
it’s very linear uh and it’s it’s proven you know   In the last three years I’ve applied it four 
times for four books so I think where we’re at   I’m gonna I’m gonna articulate this with a 
story kind of an analogy like three months   Ago I met this guy uh at a conference and he 
was talking about how he wanted to write a book   And I was telling him how about the book skeleton 
method and he stopped me and he said uh Matt a   Couple of years ago I was dirt biking in Colorado 
and I’m like 30 miles away from the nearest road   And the nearest Trail like way in the back country 
and my buddy and I pulled over and we’re having   Lunch and I noticed this thing sticking out of 
the ground it looked like a giant black mushroom   And he was so fascinated by this thing that 
he starts inspecting it and he’s knocking on   It and it’s hard it almost looks fossilized uh 
and he realizes he’s encountered a dinosaur bone   And at the same moment he looks around in 
the clearing and he realizes the rest of the   Skeleton is there as well so my friend Scott 
finds this dinosaur skeleton out in the wild   This is the feeling that I think a lot of 
us have about our book ideas we know that   We’re looking at something that’s really valuable 
this is something special it’s the beginning of a   Great idea except most of it is still underground 
before we can really realize it in its full glory   And Splendor we need to apply the book skeleton 
method so if you were a paleontologist and you had   Found this dinosaur skeleton what you’re going 
to do is you’re going to excavate you’re going   To pull out all the bones you’re going to know 
everything that you want to put into this book   And then you’re going to categorize them and say 
okay there’s a tail there’s a rib there’s a foot   There’s a leg there’s a hip there’s a skull you 
know and then you you put these things together   It’s like what is really foundational okay what 
is the through line like the spine of this book   And what’s going to really give it this book its 
bite and then you put together this skeleton and I   Can look at the skeleton same as you and say okay 
there’s no flesh and blood on this skeleton yet   There’s no words that have been written for this 
book yet but we can all tell what this book is   We can see that that’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex you can 
know your book prior to ever writing a single word   Which addresses the the biggest frustration that 
I had for 15 years is I only knew my book nine   Months into it uh maybe even longer than that 
once I had written 50 000 words and put a Blood   Sweat and Tears into this thing and only then 
did I realize that this is a misshapen malformed  

Book that has no potential and now I’m going 
to start over I’m going to do the same thing   Over the next 11 months so this process will 
ensure that when you do go to add flesh and   Blood that is to write the book that every moment 
you’re making progress on the book that you want   To write that’s going to convey the message 
that you want to write that you want to share   So for starters uh this is the the excavation 
now this is also called Mind mapping it’s   Also called brainstorming it’s also called 
clustering the fact that it has so many names   Shows that it’s not a revolutionary idea maybe 
you’ve done this in in different things in the   Past what it is is an effective idea and it 
doesn’t have to be revolutionary it just works so   You create a mind map by writing your book Topic 
in the middle of the page and then around that   Book topic you just write everything that you can 
possibly think of that applies to that subject so   The different stories different examples Lessons 
Learned books ideas you know to Kelsey’s Point   Earlier maybe you you go through and you realize 
and these are the 15 emails that I’ve written that   I like the most and there’s there’s wisdom in 
each one of these so let me break these 15 down   Um and you start identifying some of the 
principles that you know that are are that   Connect all of these things uh and so what you 
end up with is uh is something like this is a   A center topic and then maybe 40 or 50 things 
that apply to that centered filter now this is   My mind map from my first book where the 
rubber meets the road at that point the   Book was going to be called The Arc of giving 
up and so what I did is I said what are all   The things that when you give these things 
up life just seems to immediately improve   Things like expectations perfectionism attachment 
to outcomes fear uncertainty and doubt rigidity in   My identity worry wandering thoughts the need to 
be in control and so after putting all of these   Things on the page I thought man this is not 
50 different things this is like six or seven   Different things and they just all have different 
ways that they manifest so I took a colored pencil   And I connected the things that I thought 
were relevant uh color coordinated coordinated   Them and then in doing so it was really 
easy to to then put together an outline   So to give you a really simplistic example but 
something that I think you’ll be able to apply   To your own book is let’s say that you were 
writing a cookbook and so cookbook recipes all   You did on this mind map is you wrote down 
what are all the foods that I love to eat   You know and then you begin looking at these 
things and you say okay I see how they subdivide   I’ve got breakfast foods lunch dinner dessert 
and snacks so I’m going to put five sections of   My book together and each section is going to have 
like three chapters that’s a total rule of thumb   Um it’s it’s not a science like you don’t have 
to have a 15 chapter book where there’s five   Sections and three chapters per section but a 
lot of great books are about five sections or   Some like odd number three five seven and they 
usually have a couple of sub chapters there  

And so once you identify the categories the 
different ways that your content fits together   You can put this into the skeleton and so now 
you’ll see I’m going to start with something   That’s that’s fun fundamental that’s foundational 
we’re going to start with breakfast so maybe you   Break your your book down chronologically uh 
maybe you break your book down what is the most   Simplistic most basic thing and then slight slowly 
get more advanced it’s not something that I can   I can give you a rule I can assure you though 
that once you have everything that you want to   Share as an expert on this subject you’re going 
to see exactly how it can break down and you’re   Going to know what belongs first and second and 
third fourth fifth um if you’re writing say a   Lead generating non-fiction book I suspect maybe 
a lot of you are let’s say it’s going to be 20   000 words and you know that your 15 chapter 20 
000 word book well that’s going to be 1300 words   Per chapter so when it comes time to actually 
add flesh and blood and you really do want to   Write a book and you’re taking it seriously and 
you’ve given it some consideration you’ve you’ve   Built a schedule and you say okay I’m going to 
wake up I’m going to write from six to seven a.m   Every day or five to six every day or I’m more 
creative between 10 and 11 p.m so I might wake   Up a little bit later but I’m going to protect 
that 10 and 11 p.m like give a little bit of   Thought to when you have the gift of gav and make 
that your schedule for when you’re gonna write   Set a goal for yourself you know maybe it’s a word 
count goal maybe it’s a chapter goal I am partial   To chapter goals because I tend to overwrite and 
if I have a word count goal then I chase that word   Count and I don’t do my best work plus you could 
sit down at the beginning of a week and say all   Right I got 15 chapters I’m going to write three 
chapters this week that’s 3 900 words so my goal   Is 3 900 words but more importantly it’s three 
chapters and I’ll have this book done in five   Weeks you can kind of project that way forecast 
that way especially when you don’t edit while you   Write every word is a word gained later you’re 
gonna you’re gonna edit that’s the next step in   The process and if you’re speaking your book you 
could even do this faster I’m going to sit down   For a half hour and I’m going to speak chapter one 
and then later on today I’m gonna do chapter two   And I’m gonna do all 15 chapters in the next you 
know seven days so if you’re putting pressure on   The system not yourself you’ll know because things 
are going to be moving fluidly the moment you   Start feeling pressure uh and it’s on yourself 
and you’re judging yourself and you’re being   Really Critical with yourself that’s probably 
the point where you’ve bucked the system and now   You’re you’re relying on yourself to be successful 
but remember success is structural not personal   Um John Updike said some of the best books you 
have ever read were written one hour at a time   And I imagine that you’re not going to 
change a whole lot about your life like   Go rent a cabin in the woods for two weeks 
but you’re probably going to write this book   Infused within your normal life and so just be 
reassured by John that this is how it’s done

Peter Drucker said only what gets measured 
gets managed so this is a screenshot a picture   Of my marker board last year October 
where I was monitoring my word count   Uh and so put something public something 
really visible that you’re going to see   A couple times a day just to remind you where 
you’re at you know in accordance to your goals   So if you follow this process it will work this 
is Emma Sumner she’s eight years old now she’s   14 or something but uh six years ago she wrote 
the fairies of waterfall Island she did four   Thousand dollars in Book Sales in three 
months she just donated that to charity   Because she’s awesome she appeared on some TV 
and magazines she did a book signing with 10   000 people there she’s now got 81 ratings 
for her book six six years later I’ve sold   Thousands of copies the reason I I show Emma 
rather than somebody else is an eight-year-old   Doesn’t get in their head like a lot of us do and 
sometimes we need to be we need to allow ourselves   To just be dumb enough to follow a process and 
get our overactive brains out of our own way   Um so Emma was smart enough to 
just follow a process and trust it   So after step four once your book is written 
you have a manuscript I’m not going to talk   A whole lot about book production but I will 
say that anybody that schedules the a call to   Connect with self-publishing school or works 
with self-publishing school is going to have   The book production completely done for them so 
set you up with an editor get your cover design   To get your formatting done make the book look 
really professional really capture the essence   Of the book in the artwork we’re actually going 
to help you publish it we’re going to help you   Write a good book description get the right 
keywords and categories and do all the SEO   Set you up with lead magnets to help you build 
the email list build you a website in some cases   So book production and really like book business 
or book funnel production is something that we   Can do for you uh and then that moves you to the 
launch so not to be hyperbolic or to be dramatic   But the book launch is the single most important 
highest leverage activity that if done well   Forever change the trajectory of your book and so 
when somebody sells 500 books in a month great you   Know you might make a couple thousand dollars a 
month on your book but if 50 of those 500 people   Join your email list uh there’s going to be 
amazing opportunity to to connect with you know   250 people a month maybe more maybe a little less 
uh in order to have them receive that next thing   So your book really should lead people and the 
book launch is the way to set it up for Success   So that you get a ton of reviews and anytime an 
unfamiliar person a stranger encounters your book   On Amazon or Goodreads or uh or ingramspark 
or Barnes Noble they see these reviews and   They think okay this is a book that I can trust 
so the book launch is all about building Trust   Um and really on the flip side it’s all about 
reducing the resistance that will naturally   Exist when somebody is making a book buying 
decision first thing you need to do is have  

Your your external your first impression of 
the book reflect the intention attention and   The effort that you made on the inside of the 
book so you really need to have a good cover   Something with complementary 
colors something whether you   Author name something with easy to read fonts 
an appealing image utilizes the rule of thirds   So this is this is the theory that we 
apply when we build covers for somebody   This is my latest book uh I took this screenshot 
a couple of days ago but number one new release   Already 65 ratings it came out September 1st it is 
now as I’m recording this September 12th I think   Uh and so the book grabs attention it’s easy 
to read it takes three seconds to know what   My book is about uh and through the book 
launch been able to get quite a few reviews   So it doesn’t need to be a work of art though 
it could just be straightforward like Chandler’s   Book The Proven path from blank page to published 
author almost 500 reviews uh you can actually get   If you look inside of Chandler’s book you can 
actually get his book for free you put in your   Email address you put in your contact information 
you can download this book for free which is not   A mistake it’s just a tool to take your book 
and recognize yeah I could make a lot of money   Selling books or I can make a whole lot more 
money by having people’s contact information   And allowing them to raise their hand and say 
uh hey I’m interested in this information and   If you have anything else for me here’s my contact 
information let me know about it so I can buy it   That’s really what the book is supposed 
to be it’s a billboard to lead people to   Exit their trajectory come into your business 
look at your menu see everything that you have   Available and buy what suits them before carrying 
on so that was a little extra less about the book   Launch and more about lead magnets um second step 
is you build this launch Team third step is you   Get ongoing reviews to keep the Amazon algorithm 
happy and so a launch team is really just a group   Of people that are going to support your book 
they’re going to read the book They’re going   To leave a review on the book They’re going 
to share your book this is like the street   Team like this is the people that are gonna 
make sure that your book cuts through uh the   The abundance of books there’s like 100 million 
books online this is how you get your book noticed   You incentivize them with a free copy maybe they 
get their name in the book maybe they just want   To support you because they like you they love 
you maybe there’s something else in it for them   But I find that people like to support each other 
and all you have to do is ask and you’ll build a   Lot of connection this way so a couple of ways to 
set your book launch up for Success throughout the   Process of writing this book you have a lot 
of opportunities to get people invested in   Your project so getting people invested in your 
project might be uh hey guys what are the main   Things that that you would want to know about such 
and such topic you pull your social media I ask my   Social media hey what are the things that when 
you give these things up your life immediately  

Improves you know 50 people responded and not 
only did I get book content but I also had 50   People that were beginning to be engaged in in 
my project hey guys I’m looking for uh some some   Votes which cover of these three options do you 
like the best which of these three subtitles do   You like the best anytime someone engages they 
interact with this book They’re going to be a   Little bit more invested in it and so involve 
everyone that you know there’s something in this   Launch for everybody don’t scrutinize the list 
uh when you do recruit somebody get commitment I   Like to do what I call a choice of three uh three 
positives this is basically saying um hey here are   The three different groups that you can join the 
launch in which one makes the most sense for you   I hold people accountable then as soon as 
they’ve defined the relationship then I   Know exactly what to hold them accountable to 
and ultimately the goal is to have them write   Honest reviews you know help people understand 
how this is going to help other people find your   Book in the future and how far a review goes 
to reduce that resistance to create more buyers   And the launch it’s not necessarily something 
that happens over the first week or the first   Month never stop searching for win wins and maybe 
that looks like oh my friend John just started   The company I’m going to support his company and 
after I’ve supported his company I’m going to say   Hey you know what I would really also appreciate 
a book A book review so tons of ways to to launch   The book and get ongoing reviews and set it up 
for success and if you follow these steps you   Will have a successful book and this book will 
create a ton of opportunity like Nate published   His book back in February I think he has twice as 
many reviews now it’s like 100 or 270 something uh   This guy has over 1500 reviews now Chris 
Lippincott published his year his book A   Couple of years ago and really like the whole 
idea for his book is is showing people the the   Potential of mediumship and connecting with 
people in the afterlife and what he’s done   With the momentum that his book has created 
is he’s actually started an academy to help   People Channel their their skills their spiritual 
skills their spiritual gifts that’s pretty cool   And at this point there’s such a variety of books 
that are probably out there that one of the main   Questions that I get is well Matt will this work 
for me you know I’m writing such and such a type   Of book you know it’s a children’s book it’s a 
non-fiction book it’s a fiction book uh yes these   Ideas will work for you another main question 
that I get is well can you guys just kind of help   Me can you hold me accountable I’d really love 
a coach do you do that yes we also do coaching   We do we have a bunch of author mentors on our 
team and so if any of you are wondering yeah   What is self-publishing school how can I be more 
involved in this self-publishing school is kind   Of like a mix of Indiana Jones Jillian Michaels 
and the Butler from Mr Deeds so that perfectly   Answers that question right someone to blaze the 
trail for you someone to hold you accountable   And Coach you and someone to make your life a lot 
easier essentially a step-by-step online education  

Uh like an author an author program to help you 
write publish Market your book coaching with a   Ton of different successful authors group coaching 
with a variety of authors as well cover designers   Editors designers uh community of actually over 3 
000 authors that are on the same Journey they make   Great people to be on your launch teams they’re 
all across the nation they’re all across the globe   And so really what I want to do is try to recreate 
what shifted for me three years ago and the reason   Why uh I went from 15 years of struggling to 
write a book to you know having a book in 80   Days is it’s helped so helpful to have an expert 
in your corner so we’ve opened up our calendars   For really the next two days so that you can speak 
with us personally about how you can apply some of   These ideas if there is something holding you back 
we’ll show you how to overcome it I guarantee that   You’re not the first person to feel the way you’re 
feeling the call is free it’s just trying to set   You up with somebody to build Clarity so that you 
know exactly what the next step is going to be   Um so if you’re if you’re serious about writing 
this book and you want it to be a great book   Uh you you hold yourself to a high standard 
of Integrity it’s like I’m gonna show up   And I’m gonna I’m Gonna Learn I’m 
gonna apply some of this coaching   And understand that this book is an extension of 
your business and so you don’t treat this book   Like a hobby and expect it to pay like a business 
you treat this this book like a business it’ll pay   Like a business as an aspect of your business and 
so intend to spend time to spend energy to spend   Dollars or whatever your currency is on putting 
your book together successfully uh and I guarantee   That if done well if done intentionally this would 
be something that you’ll look back on and you’ll   Think that was the the greatest decision that I 
ever made was writing that book because after I   Have my book everything became easier so this 
is the link that you can use to book your call   Www.self Dash forward slash 
apply we’re also going to put this link right   In the chat so that you can just copy that paste 
that into the search bar and and go book your call   There’s a couple of questions like what time is 
going to be the best for you you pick your time   Zone I encourage you to pick the time nearest to 
right now that works for you and we’ll just jump   On the momentum from this call into the one-on-one 
call it’ll be a phone call and we’ll call you   Uh you’ll have a couple of questions that 
you’ll answer in there just we can pair you   Up with the best person but you’ll see this 
video when you’ve successfully booked a call   And um yeah I look forward to talking to everybody 
Zig Ziglar said if you wait until all the lights   Are green before you leave home you’ll never 
get started on your trip to the top uh there’s   Not necessarily a right time to write your book 
and there’s definitely not a wrong time I think   No matter how busy you are no matter how crazy 
life is if you’re at a point where you say man   I something’s got to give I’m ready for life to be 
a little easier than over the next few months will   Help you integrate writing a book into your life 
and they’ll get that thing published we’ll get  

That thing launched with you get some marketing 
behind it with you and uh then you can Relish   In the ease that’s created from this book well 
thank you so much Matt uh that was incredibly uh   Interesting and informative for me and I’m sure 
everybody else here uh again we’re gonna put   That we probably put that link into the chat and 
we’re gonna have a follow-up email that includes a   Video recording of This these slides and a link 
to get signed up uh as well if you would like   Um and we are going to sign off now but we 
will be around in the chat for about five   Or ten more minutes to answer any questions 
that anybody has about this at all if you are   An aweber customer and you want to uh you 
know bat around some ideas with everybody   Else about the book that you might want to write 
uh go ahead and head to our Facebook Community   Um and I’ll pop a link to that in here too and 
let’s talking to each other about what we might   Want to write I think that uh you know if 
you are writing emails already there is a   Very easy transition to a book and it can help 
you like Matt said turn it back into more email   Subscribers and more engagement and in the long 
run more money and allow you to really uh stand   On your own doing this so thank you again so 
much for uh your presentation Matt it was very   Very uh interesting and informative for me and 
uh thanks for joining us today it’s my pleasure

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