How to get more views on YouTube (a quick email trick)

I’m going to show you an easy trick to get more 
views on your new youtube videos this is a set it   And forget it process which will help your channel 
grow way faster in the coming weeks and months   Now whether you have 50 subscribers or 50 million 
subscribers on youtube this process can actually   Work for everybody here’s the deal with youtube 
they actually make it hard to get your new videos   In front of your existing audience someone has 
to click subscribe and the bell just to get   Notifications of all your new videos on youtube 
and no one gets emails so i’m going to show you   How to send your new videos to people via 
email without having to log into your email   Marketing tool create a new email add the video 
test the design and send it to your audience   A process which would take you at least 20 minutes 
every time you published this process is automatic   Now first of all let’s take a look at 
what this email could actually look like   I’ve put together an example of an email that 
could go out every time say the aweber youtube   Channel publishes a new video on youtube it 
includes a link back to the youtube channel here   Some text introducing the video a thumbnail of it 
and then of course you can click here or here to   Get back to this video to actually watch it all 
right let’s take a look at how we get this set   Up on the back end now you’re going to need an 
aweber account in order to get this set up but   You can set one up for free and it will only take 
you a couple of minutes to get it set up so pause   The video now and go get that set up while we walk 
through the process once you’re in your dashboard   You’ll go to messages and then campaigns click 
create a campaign and choose youtube newsletter   I’m going to rename this with something that’s a 
little bit more relevant to what we’re creating Now it’s going to redirect me to the campaign 
page where i’m going to be able to set up and   Configure it i’m going to click into this check 
feed element which you can also drag from the left   If you’d like and where it says feed url over 
here i’m just going to plug in my channel url You don’t have to do anything else aweber 
will actually find the feed for you set your   Frequency to hourly your required posts to one 
and repeat it forever okay now that i have the   Setting set up to actually trigger the email to go 
out when i publish a new youtube video what i want   To do is edit the message to make sure that it 
includes all of the elements that i’m looking for   I’ll click on send message and then over here on 
the right click on the message title to go into it   I’m going to re-name this subject line new video 
from aweber but you can have it say whatever   You want and then instead of this placeholder 
text i’m actually just going to add a header   That says something like check Out my new video Now this is also a placeholder url so i’m going 
to click in here and also add my youtube url here Now you have a couple of 
options here you can include   Just one video every time you send it 
out especially if you’re only sending  

Out an email every single time you want to publish 
a new video but what you can also do is choose to   Include up to 20 recent videos you can set 
them in a block pattern or in a postcard layout You can choose to include or not include the 
image the description the author and the date   I’m going to set this to just 
one item and include the image   Author and date all right i have this like 
i like it and so i’m going to save and exit Now if you already have an account with 
subscribers what i’d recommend is removing   The supply tag and replacing the ticker trigger 
with a tag applied that way you can choose   Who in your account is actually 
receiving these emails and who’s not All right now that my campaign is 
ready i’m going to click save and exit And i can actually click 
here to activate the campaign Now this campaign is completely set up and 
active and it will go out each time you i   Publish a new video on youtube on the aweber 
account but up next we have to learn how to get   People subscribed to receive these emails okay 
now that we have our campaign completely set up   We need to have a place where people can 
actually sign up to get these notification emails   Every time you publish a new video so i’m 
gonna set that up in our landing page builder   Also within aweber included in all accounts 
i’m going to go down to landing pages   Click create a landing page and then i’m actually 
going to scroll down to our link tree style   Landing page template and choose it up here at 
the top i am going to replace this image with   An aweber logo and reduce it in size a little bit 
so that it looks great at the top add our social   Handle right below here and at some point in 
the future i could add links to this if i wanted   To build out an actual link tree but for now we 
just want to get people signed up to receive our   Youtube notification emails so i’m going to remove 
all the distractions by deleting these links And then right down here i’m 
going to say sign up to receive An email with each new video and since this 
landing page is already connected to the list   That i am sending these emails out from i actually 
don’t have to do anything except add that tag   That we used to trigger that campaign to this 
form so to do that i’m going to click on the   Form and then i’m going to go over to submission 
and i’m going to add that tag here under tags If you’ve done it right you should see down 
here at the bottom a little notification   Letting you know that adding this tag will 
trigger somebody to receive that campaign   I’m going to name this really quickly And then i’m going to do just one more thing with 
this page which is to give it an easier to follow   Tag so i’m going to go into settings and 
i’m going to set it as youtube sign up   And click save and exit Now i can just publish this and 
i can actually copy this page url

Go to a new link paste it and you 
can see the page as it will look   On the desktop this will also look great on mobile And that is it you just need to take this page 
and make sure that you talk about it in your   Youtube video add it to the last screen of your 
youtube video so that people can click on it   Put it in your about section and in the 
description and anywhere else that you’re   Telling people where they can sign up to 
receive these notifications and that is   It it’s as simple as that to get a process set up 
where people can opt in to see your newest videos   As soon as they’re posted and let me tell you 
your biggest fans are really going to want to   Sign up for this so make sure you promote it 
as much as possible it will grow your views   If you get more views early on right after you 
publish it can help you with the algorithms   And it can help you grow your channel 
overall i wish you the best of luck and   Please feel free to sign up at for 
a free account if you don’t already have one

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