How to Edit Your Confirmation Email Message in AWeber

Your confirmation message is the first email 
people get when they’re added to your list   You need them to open this message 
and click that button to actually   Start getting your content you want this 
message to look familiar in the inbox set   Clear expectations about what people are signing 
up for and encourage them to smash that button Navigate to your list settings and click 
confirmation message scroll to your message   Preview click to edit message content where you 
can modify your header choose your button text   And add a closing signature in your header tell 
people what they will get when they subscribe to   Your list what type of content will you send them 
how often will you send it is there a special deal   Or discount they’re waiting to get tell them to 
click the button to start getting your emails   When you’re happy with your message scroll to the 
bottom of your page and click to save all settings   You can choose between different subject lines 
or request a custom one if you choose to request   A custom subject line make sure people know that 
there’s one more step they need to take to confirm   Their subscription when you’re ready scroll and 
click to save all settings to submit your request   It may take up to one day for approval 
but it usually happens a lot faster   The confirmation success page is where 
people are directed when they hit   The confirmation button in your email by 
default your subscribers will see this page   You can leave this setting as is or add a link 
to an AWeber landing page with a custom message   You can include a welcome video a special 
offer or even a freebie on this page When you’re done click to save all settings   The next time someone subscribes to 
your list they will get this message Now that you reviewed your confirmation 
message and customized that experience   You can feel more confident that the 
next time someone signs up to your list   They will receive an email that better reminds 
them that they need to confirm their email address   In order to get your content or special offer if 
you have any questions let us know in the comments

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