How to Create an Automatic Newsletter Campaign

Get more eyes on your content with a newsletter 
campaign it will automatically send a message to   Your subscribers as soon as there’s fresh 
content ready to share you can set it up   To work with your blog your youtube channel your 
podcast episodes or even your etsy shop i’ll show   You how to set it up click to create a campaign 
and choose from one of the newsletter templates   Give your template a name and click create click 
on your campaign name to edit and you’ll see a   Series of actions already created for you step 
3 is your check feed action this is where you   Add the feed you want to pull content from and set 
your schedule enter the url for your blog youtube   Channel podcast playlist or etsy shop we’ll help 
you find the feed url we need to grab your content   Choose how often you want your newsletter to 
send updates keep this set to hourly if you   Want your newsletter to send new content soon 
after it’s posted choose from daily weekly or   Monthly to send your newsletter on a set schedule 
inside step 3 you’ll see a send message action   Click on the selected message subject 
line to edit your message template   Click on the sample article to update 
it and replace it with your content Customize your message and add a personal touch You can update your subject line save 
and exit to go back to your campaign   Save and exit your campaign and click to activate All new subscribers will be added to your campaign 
copy the landing page in the video description or   Check out our template gallery share a landing 
page with your audience to get them to join your   List and get your campaign learn how to add 
existing subscribers into your new campaign   With the link in the video description your 
newsletter campaign will help get more eyes   On your content without you having to add another 
task to your to-do list don’t forget to subscribe   For more help tutorial videos if you have 
any questions leave them in the comments

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