How to Create A Social Media Content Calendar

Thank you for joining this webinar from aweber 
and featuring a guest from socialbee Anka pop   She’s going to be talking all about what 
a social media calendar is and how to save   Time and get better results by creating one 
she is covering a lot in the next 40 minutes   But don’t worry this presentation is being 
recorded and we’ll send you the slides after   The presentation Anka has 10 years of marketing 
marketing experience and five years specifically   With social beats so she really really knows her 
stuff I’m actually excited to learn a lot today   Uh just a note for everyone we have pre-recorded 
this presentation and we are going to be hanging   Out in the chat answering questions so please feel 
free to ask anything whenever you think of it and   I appreciate all of you for being here today so 
why don’t you kick it off Anka awesome thanks for   The awesome introduction hi everyone nice to be 
here thank you for the opportunity to share some   Amazing knowledge with you all so as um you said 
we are going to talk about creating a calendar   For your social media and I’m gonna give you a 
few tips a few tricks and then a proven template   To go with it I just want to share a little bit 
on why you should have a Content calendar so you   Can see a few reasons on the screen already you 
can broaden your perspective you can plan ahead   You can work more efficiently generate more ideas 
all of that pretty much what a Content calendar   Does is that it gives you everything laid out 
so that when you do the actual work it’s less   Work to do and it takes you less time so that way 
you can focus your energy on a lot more getting   Done for your business and just a little time 
for acing your social media so we’re going to   Talk about a three-step framework in creating 
a social media calendar and you can repeat this   Monthly or however frequently you’d like in order 
to prepare your content for the following period   Um so you can see that this is organized in three 
steps one before creating the calendar to in   In the meantime or during when when you’re 
actually creating the calendar and the third   Step being after you create the calendar um this 
is where you will learn how you can leverage   Social media how you can plan ahead and work 
with all of the tools that you have to bring   Them all to your advantage and so I’m curious 
if you’re ready to learn all of that are you   I am super ready I’m really excited to learn this 
today great awesome then let’s kick it off with   This the first first first step um this is where 
we’ll learn how you can determine uh the types of   Content that you’re sharing it’s where um you’re 
gonna look at what content brings you most most   Value um who’s your target audience where are 
they hanging out and all of that so first let’s   Look at how you can determine the platforms 
that will bring you most value based on your   Audience first step is to look at who your target 
audience is and I have a few ideas laid out there   About kind of where each generation tends to go 
for social media so we know Generation Z gen z   Um they love Tick Tock they actually there’s 
like studies that say that they use tick tock   As a search engine more than Google on the other 
hand Millennials and Gen X will not do that they  

Will still will turn to Google so you can look 
at your audience’s generational pattern to kind   Of find the best the best platforms for each 
um for each I’ll let you know as a millennial   We’re kind of in the middle yeah you know most 
of my friends probably still go to uh Google but   I go to tick tock fairly often so we’re we’re 
wild cards don’t try to sell much well we’re   Everywhere you know it depends also what type 
of millennial you are are you more towards the   Gen X part are you more towards the Gen Z part 
you know depends on what your Millennial you   Were born I’m actually right in the middle I’m in 
the 90s so I’m clear Millennial and I go for both   Yeah it’s definitely I do like to point that out 
though that um you know you don’t have to just be   Selling uh you know lipstick to 22 year olds to 
you know take a look at some of those platforms   That you uh wouldn’t traditionally have looked 
at in the past absolutely and actually that was   My second point because you look at the audience 
and where the generational pattern is but then   You also look at the type of content and what 
works best for that type of content you know   Things that can be sold more visually um even if 
it’s service like a spa therapy thing um coaching   Things like that that could be more visual 
work best with visual platforms even if maybe   Um your target audience is not necessarily 
the the generational target audience for that   Specific platform but it works you know Tick 
Tock works very well with educational content   Um LinkedIn works well with B2B content things 
like that so you can look at kind of like the the   Industry that you’re in and how you can frame 
that into each platform’s specifics kind of   So once you’ve done that we can look at your 
social profiles and what they’ve done so far   What would you say to somebody who says you know 
I don’t think that social media marketing is worth   It at all you know not not even a single platform 
it’s too much and I’m not seeing the return I   Would say if you’re not on social media in this 
day and age you’re dead as a business honestly   Simply because everyone has access to a phone 
these days everyone is going to look up your name   Before they go into the shop or before they book 
a session with you or before they do anything to   Interact with your business even if you’re not 
going to social media to promote your business   Social media is a great way to keep customer 
success because you can keep your customers   Happy help them if they have any questions it’s 
great to keep your audience engaged and to keep   Your brand top of mind so you know if you’re 
selling um something that does doesn’t really   Work on a day-to-day basis I don’t know a massage 
you don’t go to a masseuse every single day but   You do it every once in a while you can keep your 
audience warm by just reminding them that you’re   There and then whenever they need that massage 
they’re going to come to you instead of going to   Your competition and that’s how social media can 
help I love that and one of my favorite things   About this um and and doing the content calendar 
is you know you see all of these platforms and   You’re like oh there’s like 80 million of them and 
you know I don’t know what to do or where to go  

Um but the the cool thing about this is you 
know this is a presentation for uh you know   Team of one and Anka understands and I understand 
that you have so much other work to do including   Doing the massages you know or doing whatever 
work it is that you actually do but also all   Of your other marketing efforts and financial 
stuff and so that’s what’s so cool about the   Content calendar is that it can help you approach 
social media in general without uh having it be   The only thing you have time for exactly you can 
just take one day out of your entire month to   Focus your efforts on your content calendar and 
your plan and then you’re all set and the the   Following month you don’t even have to take 
a full day you just need maybe four or five   Hours to plan ahead the content for the entire 
month and then you’re all set and you have you   Don’t have to keep keep it top of mind and just 
stress about oh my God I don’t have posts for   My Facebook I don’t have any reels for Instagram 
oh my God what am I gonna do you don’t have that   All right so I’ll stop interrupting you to tell 
everybody on what they already know they need uh   And let you keep telling us how to do it right 
awesome so let’s talk about how you can look   At what your profiles have done so far look at 
your content and see what has been working for   You look at engagement look at shares comments 
likes things like that but also look at content   That hasn’t worked for you that’s a very good 
indicator of what your audience does not want   To see so if you have any posts that don’t have 
any traction they don’t have interaction those   Are actually good insights to have on what not 
to replicate in the future next up once you have   All of that audit going on you can look at the 
types of content that are relevant to your app   To your actual audience and here I have two 
questions for you what do you want to achieve   Through posting on social media this will be the 
goal that you have that helps you create that   Strategy you create the strategy to work towards 
a goal so if you want ten thousand dollars in   Sales you create the strategy with actionable 
points to get you to that ten thousand dollars   Um the the one thing that I should mention here 
is that you don’t want as I said their increase   Sales that’s too generic you won’t be able 
to measure that in any way you want something   Specific that you can do within the within the 
next year the next 12 months things like that   And the second question that I have here is 
what are the interests of your target audience   Um again with this target audience thing you 
can do like a template target audience name   Them Anna Paul whatever you want um and kind 
of create like a a person that would be the   Ideal person the ideal buyer um and think what 
they would like to see what they as a person   Would follow on social media would it be memes 
would it be infographics would it be educational   Content what type of person are they use that 
to your advantage to create your content types   What do I mean by content types well there’s 
a lot of content that you can share out there   Um and if you just share promotional content 
where you promote your business over and over  

And over again it can lead to something called 
audience fatigue that’s where your audience gets   Bored of seeing the same thing over and over 
again and then ignores you completely and you   Don’t want that so what you can do instead is 
that you can create a balanced content mix by   Using different types of content to kind of create 
a little Hive like we have here and balance it out   I I like comparing this to a balanced diet where 
you you know you want your greens you want your   Carbs you want your protein you want your fat 
all of that together to make it balanced and   Healthy the same thing goes for your social 
media content and I just want to take a few   Moments to go through each type of content that I 
have in there to just give you a few ideas on how   You can use that to your advantage so starting 
with promotion no content this will be the core   Of your strategy this will promote your business 
I advise you to not go over 20 of your content   With this type one uh with this type of content 
because it can quickly lead to fatigue if you’re   Promoting promoting promoting and not adding any 
outside value that can bore your audience we don’t   Want that so keep it on the 20-ish percent Mark 
of your entire content I said here you can use   Offers events launches demos tutorials things 
like that to promote your business whether it’s   A service a product anything like that here are a 
few examples of promotional posts that you can see   Um throughout the internet I just used a 
few there then I’m going into Evergreen   Content this is the type of content 
that you can reuse over and over again   Um this is something that doesn’t have any time 
sensitivity so if there isn’t any date mentioned   Any special event any seasonal event nothing 
like that you can use it with testimonials   Reviews case studies guides things like that and 
this is something that you can set and forget   Pretty much you create a category with all 
of your content testimonials for instance   And queue it up and it just goes in a rotation 
so that you don’t have to do anything but maybe   Add a new one when a new testimonial pops 
up and that’s it can you give uh do you   Mind giving well I guess you’re going to give 
some examples right now but uh just like you   Know a couple of examples of uh what that 
content might look like for a real business   Sure so a testimonial could be um something 
I don’t know if you can see my my mouse   Uh on screen but a testimonial would be like the 
one from gather up here that’s a review it’s like   Um putting more authenticity into the business 
because it brings a real person who actually   Benefited from that service into the equation 
and it gives more authenticity to it I love this   Um when I when I worked with small businesses 
on their uh Google profiles which is the first   Job I ever had in marketing you know I was 
always saying like go out get reviews get   Reviews get reviews and what I love about 
this is it’s just a screenshot of a review   So you’re already working to get reviews and 
you should be and then in order to create this   Content for social you just have to screenshot 
you don’t have to write anything you don’t have  

To design anything it’s great yeah and if you if 
you do want to style it a little bit you can work   With canva and just copy the text in there 
and work it into a template or something so   That’s not a big deal as well but yeah you can 
definitely just screenshot it put it out there   Covered it with some color and 
that’s it so it’s easy to do   Moving on to some entertaining content because 
social media has to be entertaining you I’m pretty   Sure that all of you have your phone at some point 
during the day and you’re just scrolling through   Facebook through Instagram through Tick Tock 
whatever it is you’re scrolling there and if it’s   Not me I I only work at my computer um I put my 
phone away I definitely don’t get on Tick Tock and   Instagram after work or at any time during work 
so but most other people do I think yeah pretty   Soon I never get on Facebook to write a post and 
then end up 20 minutes later still on Facebook   So this must be referring to other people but yeah 
of course not yeah well entertaining content funny   Um memes challenges trending videos you know Tick 
Tock is a lot reliant on on Trends and you know   It’s so easy to do like a trend on Tick Tock you 
just use that sound and you make a video making a   Fool of yourself and it works it actually works 
people actually like that because it brings in   Some you know Charisma it brings in all of 
that and here’s our here are some examples   That you can use so you can use memes you can 
use um you know Special Events St Patrick’s Day   Christmas Saint Valentine’s whatever it is 
that you know that works for your business   Um we use with social B we use the International 
Day for bees of course um so that’s you know it   Can be so random and it can be so fun and exciting 
for your audience to see something like that   Entertaining content is different from interactive 
content because you know with entertainment you   Laugh and you scroll away with interactive 
content you actually answer a question you   Join a contest the giveaway you talk and argue 
in a debate or you know you fill in the blanks   You answer a poll you do something to engage 
this is the type of post that will help increase   Your engagement with your audience and you we all 
know engagement rates are going down so whatever   You can do to keep them as high as possible do 
it these are a few examples I have fill in the   Blanks here I have polls I have would you rather 
um some of my favorite giveaways are great ways of   Um uh engaging your audience you know you can 
give a free massage for keeping with the theme   Um you can give a free bottle if you’re selling 
water bottles I don’t know I’m just throwing   Random examples into into the mix but pretty much 
you can use whatever you have it doesn’t have   To be costly um to create engagement next up is 
educational content which is another big piece of   Um content on social media people if they’re 
not going to look for entertainment they are   Going to look for education so tell them 
how your service or your product helps them   Um makes it better tell them um industry best 
practices tips and tricks how you can use   Um specialty industry terms and things like that 
so for instance I recently used the water bottle  

Example and it’s one that I use all the time 
if I were to sell water bottles I could use   Educational content like 10 tips to help you 
drink more water and that’s something that I   Can find outside on the internet I think that I 
think it’s like a sea of that type of articles   But there’s also like something that I can do 
like I can say you know what just set a reminder   To drink more water throughout your day use a 
water bottle that you like to kind of make it   Interesting you know things like that it doesn’t 
even have to mention the product to be effective   Here are a few examples of that 
um I have one Shameless plug here Um just so that you know you can um get a better 
idea on how you can educate your audiences   And then you can also motivate your 
audiences as well use success stories   Motivational quotes advice interviews things 
like that that would keep the momentum going   Um a few examples here are um I think that’s 
a real uh from Dove and then UNESCO as well   Curated content this is one that people tend to 
have a a side eye too they um might say something   Like and I’m sure some of you are doing this 
already why should I share someone else’s content   Well because it brings you more authenticity if 
I’m saying drink more water water because I’m   Selling the bottle it doesn’t give much value but 
if you’re saying that and I’m sharing it and you   Have no affiliation with me it just keeps 
me top of mind and whenever they read that   Using a bottle might help you with drinking more 
water first person they’re gonna think of is me   Um you can share news articles tutorials 
speeches videos things like that you can   Share all of this information that doesn’t 
mention any specific product so it doesn’t   Have product placement in it it just helps with 
information it brings you Authority as I said   And it also saves you a lot of time because you 
don’t have to do the work and that’s amazing   Here are some examples on how you can do 
that um honestly my best advice here is   To get RSS feeds from different sources and 
keep them somewhere where you can actually   Um filter through them and quickly share them 
so that you don’t waste a lot of time on it So we’ve done all that part we’re 
looking now at how you can create   Your content calendar this is the second step 
that we’re doing and it’s going to talk about   Building your calendar using elements 
that are common as well as planning your   Posts according to the best practices and the 
best times to post according to each platform   So when we’re structuring the calendar these are 
a few elements that we want to look at we want to   See um the the social network that we’re posting 
on first of all let’s say we focus on Instagram   We want to look at Instagram best practices 
specifically which right now are Maybe video and   Image they don’t like links they don’t have links 
so we’re not going to focus on links right now   Um for Instagram we are going to think about the 
visual elements of the post as a primary thing   For Facebook maybe not so much Facebook has a 
lot more text and a lot more links options so  

You can think about it that way obviously also 
think about the copy of the post and all of that   Um I’m sharing this screenshot of social B here 
because I wanted to show you exactly what a   Content mix looks like um up close and personal 
this is actually our schedule and you’ll see   That we have different categories that are color 
coded and we have um them scheduled at different   Times and so that way when I go in to create 
content I look at it and I know okay so I need   To add one news piece I need to add a blog post 
I need to add something educational I need a help   Video that’s a tutorial on how to do something 
and I also need some posts for Instagram you   Know so that way I can build my calendar by just 
looking at the schedule that I have laid out there   Next up you have to look at how and when you’re 
publishing your content and here you’re gonna   Look at three things as I said here the ideal 
number of posts in a week for each platform   Um Tick Tock allows and accommodates a lot more 
posting than Instagram does for instance so you   Can look at those um in comparison you can look 
at the general best practices for each platform   As well as when your particular audience 
is online and I’ll show you how to do that   Here are some best practices and take some 
time to get to screenshot this if you want to   Um yes we will share the the slides 
with you afterwards but here are a few   Ideal posting frequencies and posting 
times for the main four platforms that   Um are top platforms at the moment right now 
um you’ll also be able to do so for tick tock   Google my business and Pinterest as well so 
as you can see there’s quite a few differences   Um with Tick Tock there’s a lot of optimal 
posting times with Facebook it’s typically   Just a few for instance so you can see the 
major differences between platforms as well Um after creating the content step three this is 
where you track you analyze your content you look   At what worked what didn’t and then of course you 
do a celebratory dance because why not let’s see   How you can track your social media analytics so 
you can look at three main things reach engagement   And conversions and I gave you a few examples 
of kpis that you can track with each one’s um   Each one of these areas with reach you can look at 
post reach Impressions shares followers gained and   Things like that with engagement you can look at 
comments shares mentions clicks things like that   With conversions you can look at click-through 
rates you can look at costs if you’re sharing   Them boosting the posts and um creating ads 
you can look at your analytics to see how many   People from your social media came over to your 
website and generated traffic and things like that   And of course do the celebratory 
dance this is something that we   Do every single time because you have 
to you it’s a win take it celebrate it   Cool so we’ve gone to we’ve gone through the three 
steps and we’ve reached the end we have created   Our calendar so here are a few tips on how you can 
optimize it and make it even better for for your   Social media and for your time first of all don’t 
spread yourself too thin I’ve seen this over and  

Over again where people are struggling because 
they’re trying to do so much in so little time   Start small go with a few platforms go with a 
few posts I always say that you don’t have to   Post every single day best practices for Instagram 
say posts once a day sure but you don’t have that   Time yet you don’t have the experience you don’t 
have the knowledge yet because you don’t have the   Calendar build up yet once you do that you can 
start small maybe three posts per week maybe   One post per week that’s okay as long as you’re 
consistent with your schedule it’s perfectly fine   To reduce frequency so Anka you’re saying quality 
is more important than quantity if you look at my   Screen you can see that direct your attention 
to creating quality posts and not quantity   Yeah although I you know I will say while you’re 
trying to figure put put some time and effort into   The post but while you’re trying to figure out 
which ones are going to work the most you know   Don’t be afraid to try absolutely things yes um 
but also just don’t throw it out just because   You have to post you know that’s kind of what I 
meant with the quality type so if you’re gonna   Have 30 minutes uh a week to create content maybe 
don’t spread yourself thin and try to create seven   Posts in those 30 minutes because it’s not 
going to be quality create one Post in those   30 minutes and that post you’re gonna be happy 
with I like that and I like that in general as a   Um time management for small business owners don’t 
think about how much you’re going to produce think   About how much time you have to spend on it I 
have on Friday afternoons I have 30 minutes that   I can spend on this I’m going to block that time 
off and I’m gonna spend my time making the best   Post that I can and then I’m going to do the same 
thing next Friday and then as things get easier   Maybe in that time you can essentially learn more 
yeah exactly or who knows you might have found a   New passion with doing that over time and you can 
allocate a little more time because I one thing I   Noticed is that some people dread social media so 
much because they don’t have inspiration but what   They don’t have is a plan absolutely yeah and you 
know I I think about this Lots in terms of my own   Productivity where I think through stuff and all 
you know writing a blog post or a social any kind   Of social media I’ve got an idea and then I put it 
off till the next day and then oh maybe I should   Do it this way or that way but at some point you 
got to put pen to paper and just make something   And I think that social media is one of the best 
ways where you can make imperfect absolutely even   If you try hard but it’s okay to be imperfect 
because it’s so temporary exactly yeah it’s it’s   Super easy to just set it forget it and then take 
it all over again next week um the second thing   That I have here on my list is to use a balanced 
mix and I have my favorite rule the 80 20 rule   Where 80 of your content is used to inform educate 
and entertain your audience so remember the types   Of content that we talked about before use those 
80 of your week’s worth of content and then 20 to   Promote your actual Services let’s say you have 
time to create six posts per week that would be   Four posts to inform and educate and entertain 
maybe one post that has some um soft selling  

Skills like a a review or a testimonial or things 
like that and then one Hard Sell post that would   Go through the benefits of using your service 
or your product and that would be all that you   Need in a week’s time and repeat that formula 
every single week and you’ve done it that’s it Um the third thing and this is something that 
me as a visual person adores is to create a   Color-coded system that works for you so with 
social B you can see it in the screenshot here   We have a category based system so that each type 
of content that you share can have its own little   Home um and its own little space so that you can 
cue the content up inside and you don’t have to   Worry about dates and all of that so you can color 
code that to work with whatever color system you   Have in your mind and it’s simple because this 
way you just look at this and you know oh purple   That’s activism that’s what I have to work on so 
you don’t have to um sit and think too much it you   Know you’re efficient making your your system more 
efficient that way last tip that I have Shameless   Plug again is to use a tool to create and schedule 
your content from one place and of course I’m   Going to be talking about social D here because 
honestly it’s the sweetest thing in the world   Um I cannot get enough of how many features we 
have in Social V and let me just show you a few of   Them first of all let me tell you what actually 
is social because I just realized I never did   Um where is social media management tool so 
we can help you with creating scheduling and   Analyzing your content for social media so you can 
connect your social profiles in Social bee just as   You see on the screen there and then you create 
your content right there share it to all of your   Platforms you don’t have to move from platform to 
platform schedule it all at once and then look at   The analytics once a month and that’s it this is 
what the content categories look like this is what   Posts look like in Social B so this is what this 
is what a category would look like and you can   Add your post from the add new post button at the 
top there and your posts can be either approved or   Set to draft so if you’re working with a team you 
can set them to draft and have the manager approve   Them or the client if you’re a freelancer that’s 
also something that works so you have all of this   Um amazing um these amazing tools to to work at 
your disposal you can save your hashtags you can   Automate content flows and all of that this is 
what the post editor looks like this is where you   Can create your content particularly and there 
are several tools to use to your advantage here   Um you can use Integrations you can use 
mobile reminders if you want to share to   Some outside profiles like Facebook 
personal profiles for instance where   You can really schedule things you can add 
variations to your content to kind of create   Um you know a countdown for the event for instance 
or um just you know rephrase that testimonial a   Little bit the benefits of the service a little 
bit you can customize the post for each platform   To make it work best as best as it can for that 
platform you can add posting times add a category   Set your content to expire and all of that in 
one place the schedule setup this is where you  

Work with categories and sorry and with different 
um platforms to kind of create your content mix   And one thing you’ll see here at the bottom 
you can’t really tell it but you also have   Some statistics the schedule stats that 
are um right there that’s actually a table   Um with the percentages of how much content 
you’re sharing from each category in a week’s   Time so that will help you balance out 
your content mix that was a lot wasn’t it Um let’s yeah so everyone um go out and do all 
of these things right now uh uh no there was some   There was a lot there and I think no matter where 
you’re at in your journey uh this you know you   Could take something away from this absolutely in 
in The Next Step you know whether it’s even just   Putting that 30 minutes on your calendar to start 
thinking about this or start figuring out a tool   Or something like that yeah totally it doesn’t 
have to be all done at once you can take the small   Steps um and just you know today work a little bit 
on figuring out what your goal is tomorrow work a   Little bit on figuring out what platforms are best 
for you the next week work on your audience the   Next week after that maybe start working on the 
content strategy on all of that so step by step   Small steps and you’ll get there eventually 
look at your content look at your platforms   Um focus on what types of posts already resonate 
with your audience create a balance mix and look   At when the right time to post is and I did 
mention and I forgot to say um when looking   At your audience you can look at when your 
audience is online for each platform from your   Phone typically when you’re scheduling content one 
thing I notice is that most people go for on the   DOT hours so it’s going to be 7 A.M it’s gonna 
be 9 A.M it’s gonna be 1 p.m but if you go 103   That already looks more authentic to your audience 
so use a random minute to schedule instead of a on   The dot sharp hour I’m really hoping that you’re 
all ready to schedule um your content in your   Calendar um you can see I’m a millennial 
from all the GIFs that I’m I’m using right Cool so if you’re ready to start your calendar 
um Journey you can use social B to do so and we   Do have an offer for everyone who has been paying 
attention today and taking notes so you can use   The code aweber50 when you purchase your social 
B license and that way you’ll get 50 off on your   First three months well this was so amazing thank 
you so much for all of this information obviously   There’s a lot to do here if you’re just getting 
started or if your social media marketing hasn’t   Been working to date you know you’ve been doing 
you feel like you’ve been doing a lot of work or   Intermittent work this is a really great place 
for you to start start thinking about you know   What kinds of content to do slow it down a little 
bit who are you targeting where are they hanging   Out and I also urge everybody to you know keep 
trying on this like we mentioned at the top you   Have to do it yeah to have a business these days 
and so and and you know it’s it’s so easy to see   A presentation like this and then think oh my 
gosh but I tried a few things and it didn’t work   You have to just keep powering through until 
you find the thing that really does work for  

You experiment experiment and experiment some 
more and if this doesn’t work try something else   And if that doesn’t work ask someone for their 
opinion and see what they think works and try that   Um and hey if if at the end of the day 
you don’t have the time you don’t have   Um the the knowledge you don’t want 
to there are people who don’t like   This you can always find a way to Outsource 
this with an intern with social even with   Um hiring someone so there are ways to to make 
yourself present on social media if you really   Really don’t want to do this I typically urge 
every business owner to dive into social media   At least a little bit so that they have a clear 
knowledge of what their their positioning is   All right well thank you so much for coming 
on Anka I really really appreciate you   Um this is the first in uh last week we did a 
couple of presentations about um marketing for   Podcasters but they’re actually really relevant 
to any content creator or small business owner   So please go take a look at those uh I will put 
the links to that in um in the chat and also in   The description of this uh presentation also um we 
are doing this as a series throughout the fall so   This is called a mastering marketing series and we 
are going to be doing one again next Wednesday so   Please sign up to come join us next week or um 
you know watch out for that presentation after   That we’re really looking to help you get ahead 
of your marketing you know we’re already in the   Holiday season and so we’re looking to help 
you get ahead of your marketing right now so   I appreciate everybody for coming and everybody 
for joining us and we will see you all next time

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