How to build an email list from scratch

Are you starting an email list from scratch i’ve 
got your four essential places where you’ll need   To start signing people up for your list today 
building an engaged audience is one of the best   Marketing strategies around and email is one 
of the most effective channels but what’s the   Best way to get started how do you grow an email 
list without an existing audience to market to   If you’re starting from scratch we’ve 
got a slew of list building ideas for you   And today i’m going to start 
with the four main essentials   Number one get a form on your website wherever 
you can even if you don’t have a social audience   People are going to find your website you want 
to get them on your list asap start by adding a   Signup form to your home page since that’s the 
page most people will see then continue to test   Forms in other places to see if there’s a sweet 
spot for email signups there are tons of places   On your website you can add sign up forms like the 
navigation bar footer a section on your homepage   A specific signup page a blog sidebar or 
footer and pop-ups anywhere on the site   Number two automated website chat bots hear 
me out chat widgets are becoming more and   More common on marketing websites even for small 
businesses the chat you’ve seen it it’ll pop up   In the bottom right corner of your site and 
offer to answer frequently asked questions   But chat bots usually ask for a name and 
email address see where i’m going with this   A lot of these chat widgets are staffed by live 
agents but you can actually get free ones that are   Fully answered by ai aka a chatbot so sign up for 
a chat bot service and get one on your site today   Number three use your newsletter hub aweber offers 
an archive page with your previous emails and   We call it your newsletter hub even if you don’t 
have an audience yet you can still send broadcasts   In aweber and they’ll show up on your newsletter 
hub you know the phrase fake it until you make it   Your newsletter hub will make it seem like 
you already have an established newsletter   With a large list and yes that will actually 
entice more people to sign up for your list   You can share your newsletter hub anywhere 
you think your audience might already exist   Like in groups on social media 
tools that you’re already using   Four have a sign up form at your store or 
location you may have integrated your store’s   System with your email marketing tool already 
but are you collecting emails from shoppers who   Haven’t made a purchase yet make sure anyone 
who stops by your store or physical location   Can easily sign up to get your emails which will 
include the news and updates about your store   You can have people sign up on an ipad or even a 
physical form that you’ll add to your list later   Well that was our four now that you’ve got the 
essentials down you can tap into social media   Audiences next check out our our tips on growing 
your audience with social media in the link below   And if you need an email tool try aweber 
you can actually get started for free   We’ve got the best support it’s really 
easy to get up and running and we have  

Over 700 integrations so it can work with your 
existing tools so why wait get started today

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