An Easy Lead Magnet Funnel to Grow Your List on Autopilot

Hi and welcome back to another automation video 
as a part of our automate one thing challenge i’m   Really really excited about what i’m going to 
show you today because this is something that   Can help every single person who has a email list 
and who wants to grow it effectively do so without   Having to manually do a bunch of extra work so 
what we’re talking about today is an automated   Lead funnel including a lead magnet now a lead 
funnel is basically just the process by which you   Bring in people who aren’t on your list bring them 
in to your email account to your aweber account   And then send them regular emails afterwards 
on a cadence a lead magnet is something that   You’re going to give away like a freebie that 
you can give to the person in exchange for them   Signing up for your list so that freebie could 
be a sample size of a physical product that you   Sell or it could be a digital asset now if it’s 
a digital asset you can automatically send it   When somebody signs up for your list so today 
i’m going to go through that entire process   Of bringing somebody into your list sending them 
the automatic lead magnet and then how to set up   Those welcome emails that welcome welcome 
them to your list and hopefully get them to   Take the actions that you’re looking for 
them to take in those first few days of   Signing up your list so i’m currently in my 
aweber demo account and one of the coolest   Things i’m going to do today is show you this 
in my free demo account so that you can see   How all of this can be done completely for free on 
your end the first thing that i’m going to do is   Uh create a landing page we need a landing page 
because that will be the place where people can   Actually sign up for your list itself a standalone 
page with a form on it where people can sign up   So while i’m in here i’m gonna go over to pages 
and forms click the down arrow click landing pages And i’m going to click up in this upper right 
hand corner to create a landing page in this   Account i don’t have any landing pages set up yet 
and you can choose a template you can build your   Own i’m actually going to scroll down i really 
like this simple product sale that’s not what   We’re going to use it for but i like it because 
it’s a really simple easy to use template but   Take a look through and choose whichever one you 
like if you like the colors of a different one   We’re going to click to choose that so that’ll 
copy that into our account right here now you   Can add your logo up here i’m actually going 
to just delete this because i don’t have a logo   For this example so i’m going to get rid of that 
row right up there and i am going to uh go down   Into this image now the freebie that i’m going 
to be giving away is going to be a checklist for   Growing your email list this is a little meta so 
i created a top 10 checklist for things you can do   To grow your email list and that’s what i’m going 
to be giving away in this example so this doesn’t   This book doesn’t really represent that too well 
so what i’m going to do is just go over here to   The right and go to the image gallery go to stock 
images and then maybe i’ll search for a graph   And i kind of like this one maybe you’re starting 
with just a few subscribers but after you take my  

Advice from this checklist you are growing your 
subscribers exponentially after that and then   I’m just gonna say here instead of your product 
name sign up for my email list to get the growth   To get the checklist i’ll be promoting this 
on social media say so a lot of people will   Already know what this is what they’re looking 
to get when they get to this page you just have   To remind them what they’re signing up 
for um i send regular emails letting you Know about other marketing tips and tricks 
for email and social media sign up below   For the checklist and to receive my emails i 
always uh like to sort of let somebody know   That they’re not just going to be getting 
this checklist they’re also going to be   Receiving your emails and then we’re not 
asking them to purchase something right   We want them to sign up for our list so 
i’m going to delete this button actually   And i’m going to go over on the left 
hand side and grab this form element   And drop that in here and so that’s it you’re just 
you gave them a little image uh gave them a little   Information about what they’re signing up for and 
then the only thing that i really am going to ask   For people to do here is enter their name and 
email but there is one more thing that i need to   Do in order to provide them with this lead magnet 
on the landing page itself so i’m going to click   On the form itself and then over here on the 
right hand side i’m going to go to submission   And underneath tags i am going to add a tag 
for the lead magnet i’m going to use that tag   Later to trigger the campaign that we’re going to 
set up in a little bit uh so sign up for checklist   That is not the title of the page that’s 
just the name of the page inside of aweber   So another thing that you can do is go up here 
to page and then to settings and what you can do   Here is go to social sharing and give 
it an actual title so list growth   Checklist that’s not a requirement but 
it’s something that i kind of like to do   So that’s it we’re completely set up with our 
landing page i’m going to just save and exit here   We can take a look at it in the preview this 
is what it’s going to look like on desktop if i   Share it on mobile this is what it’ll look like 
here i think it looks great real simple people   Know what they’re getting so now i am going to go 
ahead and publish this over here on the right so   There it is here’s my page url i can share it on 
facebook twitter linkedin probably won’t do that   Yet because the next thing i want to do is to set 
up my actual email campaign with that lead magnet   In it what we need to do next is create this 
checklist so i’m gonna do this in canva this is   Also my free canva account i don’t need a paid one 
for this at all and i will show you how i’m going   To put it together so what i’m going to do is just 
go into this search menu and search for checklist   And it’ll give you all of these options of 
sort of ready-made checklists that you can   Take the design of and actually modify it for your 
own needs for what it is that you want to send   To people when they sign up for your list i’m 
not going to take you through the entire process  

Of doing that but i have done that already 
and here is my grow my email checklist here   So i have this all done i put all of my um   Email list growth ideas here where people somebody 
could print this out or just take a look at it in   The pdf and get their ideas um and the cool thing 
about canva is i don’t need to download this and   Upload it somewhere else to host it you could 
do that if you wanted a little bit more of a   Complicated process but we’re keeping this simple 
we’re keeping this free and so i am just going to   Turn this into a shareable link in canva itself 
so in order to do that i’m going to go up to this   Right hand corner and click share and then the 
link i’m gonna have the link shared publicly so uh   This might be set to only people added can access 
click to anyone with the link can access and then   Make sure it’s set to can view you do not want 
anybody commenting or editing on this probably   You just want them to be able to view it 
and then i’m going to just copy that link   Here and we can take a look at what this is 
going to look like by opening up a new tab   Pasting the link there and we can look 
at what that is going to look like   Here we go this is exactly what people are going 
to see when they ask to receive this checklist   So i now have that link copied onto my clipboard 
and we’re going to go back to aweber to add it   Into our campaigns okay here we are back in 
aweber and what we’re going to do is set up an   Automated campaign so that so we’ve got 
the landing page where somebody’s going   To sign up we’ve got the lead magnet 
we want to give them so we need to   Create that first automatic email that 
goes out giving somebody that lead magnet   So what i’m going to do is go to automations and 
click the down arrow and then click campaigns And then i’m going to create my first campaign   I’m going to do this as a blank campaign 
a lead magnet checklist and welcome series Click create okay so now that we’re in 
the campaign editor i want to choose   Tag applied so remember we added that tag to our 
landing page now i want to trigger this campaign   It’s called triggering it with that tag so 
i’m going to click tag applied and then i’m   Going to add over here on the right hand side 
that lead magnet tag so if you don’t remember   What it is go back to your landing page and make 
sure that you get the exact right tag that you put   On that form on your landing page and have that 
be the trigger over here for your campaign so now   The campaign is starting we could actually wait 
if we want to but we don’t want to we want to   Send people this lead magnet as soon as they sign 
up to receive my emails i want them it in their   Inbox so that they can have that immediately i 
don’t have to do any work but they’re getting   What they signed up for immediately so i’m 
going to drag send message into my campaign   And what that just means is after it’s triggered 
we’re going to send an email straight away   But i haven’t created that email yet so i’m 
going to click create the message from our  

Drag and drop builder okay now we are going 
to work on this email i’ve chosen a template   Called amelia which i chose by uh 
clicking on templates right here   You should see amelia right at the 
top if you like the look of this one   Um but you can just choose any template you want 
or just do a drag and drop template if you like or   You know you can copy one of your other 
templates and just choose it in the later process   But anyway i’ve i’ve chosen that template and i 
have decided to add in maybe like just this little Little checklist to do icon at the top kind 
of cute and i’m going to say thanks for   Signing up uh say whatever you want here but you 
want to get to the point just say you know here’s   The checklist here’s what you get we’ve decided to 
give it to you i’m actually even going to delete   This little section down here i’m going to go into 
the button and say get my free checklist here and   Then in this url section over on the right so i’ve 
clicked on the button i’ve given it a label and in   The url section i’m going to actually delete what 
they have there and i am going to paste remember   I have that link from canva on my clipboard 
already i’ve copied it onto my clipboard so i’m   Just pasting it into this url section so basically 
once somebody clicks on that get my free checklist   They are going to be brought to that other page 
where they can actually access the checklist   I’m actually going to do the exact same thing with 
my image if you have any image that represents the   Freebie that you’re giving away make sure that 
you link to that one as well in this image link   And so that they can get the checklist no matter 
where they click and then alt text just checklist   All right so we want to have a compelling 
subject line too so we’ll say get your free   Checklist exclamation point and then i’m gonna 
go back to the page view the pre-header is that   Little piece of text that’s after the subject line 
i always fill this out it’s just an additional   Place where you can convince somebody to 
open that email and get what it is that   You’re trying to send them uh so i’ll just say 
thanks for signing up we are excited to have you   Um so now i’ve made my email and as you can 
see this email is so so simple but the only   Thing that you’re trying to do with this email is 
thank somebody for signing up for your list and   Get them that checklist that you have offered 
them so i’m gonna click save and exit out of here   And there we go the immediate thing that’s 
going to happen is when the tag is applied   The person is going to be added into this 
campaign and they are going to immediately   Get that email with that lead magnet so we have 
the first part of this done if you literally just   Want to go and get this set up now go do it you 
know let me know if you need any help at all but   Basically we already have our automation set 
up we have when somebody signs up for the list   They get the tag and they get added to your aweber 
account and they’re immediately going to be given   This email i’m going to make 
sure i save and exit this   And click to activate the campaign that’s the 
only way that this is really going to work  

Is once it’s activated but once it’s active 
then then it’s just set up and you’re already   Sending that out so up next i’m going to 
talk about how to build out that email series   Okay here we are we’re back in the email 
series itself and we are looking to set up   Some more emails to go out after this after 
you send the lead magnet you don’t want to   Just send the lead magnet and then 
be like all right we’ll see you once   A month when we send the broadcast you want 
to welcome the person to your email campaign   Potentially telling them what products or 
services you sell sending them some good reviews   Telling them what you’re like behind the scenes 
giving them expectations on what you can expect   And so in order to do that uh you know compose the 
that series of emails um go into your email drafts   And and write up some emails that you would maybe 
want to send to somebody that’s initially signing   Up to your list according to what you specifically 
are offering them with this email list   And then the only thing that you do in order to 
create the welcome series is to add a wait time   So maybe wait one day or maybe even just 
wait one hour after you’ve sent the checklist   And then drag in another message create another 
message or select another message that says thanks   For joining me here’s who i am here’s what i 
do and then add another wait time down here   And send another message that says something like 
these are the customers that i’ve worked in the   With in the past and this is why they really liked 
working with me or here are some of the success   Stories that my course has led to or anything like 
that and you’re in that way you’re able to sort of   Send out emails on a cadence once a day for you 
know a series of time and let people know you   Know what it is that they’re going to be receiving 
from you this you can adjust at any time you can   Add as many emails as you want or as few as you 
want but you’re really able to in a super super   Uh automated hands-off you don’t have to do 
anything once you get this all set up way you   Are able to get more out of those subscribers who 
initially signed up to receive that lead magnet   Now the last thing that i want to mention here 
is that if you came to my uh presentation about   The auto newsletter and how to set that up you can 
actually add that in on this campaign too if you   Didn’t i’m going to put the link to it in the show 
notes go take a look at that go get set up with   An auto newsletter if you want but you can once 
once you’re done welcoming somebody to your email   Series you can wait one more day and then you 
can add this check feed so if you have new etsy   Content if you have new blog or new etsy products 
that go out or if you have new blog posts that   Go out on a regular basis or you create youtube 
videos or even instagram posts what you can do is   Have people receive those either on a weekly 
basis or immediately after the content goes out   Uh at the end of this campaign so you welcome them 
hey how’s it going here’s your lead magnet here’s   What we’re all about here are some of our most 
popular products here are the customers that we’ve   Worked with and the success they’ve had and then 
at the end of that welcome series you can send  

Them regular content ongoing forever just continue 
to send them your newest stuff when you upload it   Without having to do any additional work all right 
that is it that is how to get set up with a pros a   Lead funnel process where you are capturing new 
leads whether on social media or any other place   And bringing them into your aweber account with 
their email address with everything sending them   The lead magnet welcoming them to your campaign 
and then potentially even sending them content on   An ongoing basis after you have brought them 
through your welcome series and all of it is   Automated and today we were able to set this up 
in less than 30 minutes uh putting together this   Entire process which means when if you sit down 
and put together this process and set it up in   In a few minutes on say a friday or uh at the end 
of today you will continue to be able to send out   Those emails to people on an automated basis 
without doing any work so you’re giving more uh   Content to your subscribers but you don’t have 
to do the day-to-day work to make that happen   Uh please let me know if you have any questions 
or if you need any help i would love to personally   Help you get the setup in your own account and 
join us next week when we are going to be doing   One more automation demo to show you another 
thing that you can do that’s really powerful   With automation in aweber in the meantime 
i wish you the best of luck i hope you get   Everything set up yourself and i hope you have a 
wonderful rest of your day and rest of your week

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